GoNoodle is kids focused, fun, and entertaining channel that boosts the kid’s knowledge and power. In the US, 8 out of 10 schools use GoNoodle, and over 14 million kids play GoNoodle each month. GoNoodle is available in the official app stores of all operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Roku for easy installation. The most notable part is that it is 100% free, and no registration is required. If you are a Roku user, then here are the ways to stream GoNoodle on Roku.

GoNoodle has various categories like dance, exercises, how-tos, Yoga, and breathing that help users easily watch and play on their favorite content. It has 300+ videos and is designed for kids aged between 5-10. Experienced educators and specialists only publish videos.

Special Features

  • Free for everyone anywhere in the world.
  • Knowledgeable videos with cutting-edge research that provides activities that are healthy and beneficial to the brain.
  • Multiple classes help teachers to set up each class as separate and every game has its separate process.
  • Long Term focuses on kids having a healthy active game and also designed to motivate the kids.
  • Press & play feature and you can easily watch any contents instantly.

GoNoodle Shows on Roku

The below is the list of famous GoNoodle shows:

  • Roar
  • Believer
  • I’m Still Standing
  • Achy Breaky Heart
  • Two Princes
  • Jump!
  • Larger than life
  • Foot Loose and more

How to Install GoNoodle channel on Roku

1. Switch on the Roku device and press the Home button.

2. In the left menu, select Streaming Channels.

GoNoodle Roku

3. Tap Search channels to open the search screen.

search channels button - GoNoodle Roku

4. Now, search for the GoNoodle app.

search for  GoNoodle channel

5. In the list of apps, click on the GoNoodle channel.

5. Tap on the Add Channel button to download and install the channel.

tap Add channel

6. Click on the Go to channel to launch GoNoodle channel on Roku.

click Go to channel

7. Search or select your favorite GoNoodle channel and watch it on your TV.

GoNoodle Roku

How to Sign Up for GoNoodle

You can watch GoNoodle family shows for free. But if you’re an educator or a teacher, you can follow the below steps to register for an account.

1. Go to the GoNoodle website on your favorite browser.

2. Now tap the Sign up with email button.

sign up - GoNoodle Roku

3. Fill in the details and click the Next button.

4. Now enter your School details and click the Register button.

5. You have registered for the GoNoodle account successfully.

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Wrapping Up

If you want to make your kids creative and from the most trusted channel, GoNoodle will do its job and is also used by most of the elementary schools in the US. It is also made available worldwide, and you can use GoNoodle worldwide without using any VPN.