How frustrating would it be when there is a sudden interruption while streaming on a Roku device? It can be due to various causes, but the Roku no signal issue could be the primary reason. Moreover, this issue is not the end, as we can try the troubleshooting procedure to fix this issue yourself.

Why Roku Indicates No Signal?

If there is no signal on the Roku device, the issue should be in the network connection or because of using the wrong power adapter. So make sure to make the Roku connection properly. To fix this kind of issue, you can follow the below methods.

Methods to Fix No Signal Issue on Roku Device

Even if you are not aware of the causes of the issue, you can still follow the troubleshooting process and see which method works for you. Moreover, it helps you identify the issue, so we can prevent them from happening again.

  • Restart the Roku device
  • Power Cycle Roku device
  • Using Original Equipment
  • Try on different TV
  • Update the Roku device
  • Check for proper connection
  • Clear cache
  • Customer support

Solution 1: Restart the Roku device

Restarting the Roku device helps eliminate temporary glitches caused by other apps running in the background. So, as we experience the no signal issue on Roku, we can proceed with the restart process. This method may fix the no-signal issues that occur on your device. You can also follow the below step,

1. Click on the Home button on the Roku remote.

2. Then, move to the Settings tab.

move to the settings option from the home to fix no signal on Roku

3. Scroll down and select the System option from the menu.

select the system option from the settings menu

4. Now, click on the System Restart option.

Your device will restart soon, after which you can check if you are getting a signal on your Roku device.

Solution 2: Power Cycle Roku Device

In case your Roku device experience a low power issue, it can also be a reason for this issue. So, power cycling the Roku device would help you handle interruption and enjoy streaming.

1. Unplug the Roku device’s power cord from the socket.

2. Now, wait for approximately 10-15 minutes for the device’s residual charge to drain completely

3. Later, you can plug the power cord back into the power socket and other appropriate connections.

4. Turn on the Roku device, and check if the problem is solved.

Solution 3: Using Original Equipment

Once you have started to use the Roku TV, the wear and tear of the components is quite usual. So, at the time of installation, you will be using the components that come with the device. But later, if you have to replace any connecting cords, always prefer to use original components for an uninterrupted streaming experience. In that case, using a third-party power adapter can be a reason for the Roku to stop working normally.

power cord

Solution 4: Try Connecting to Different TV

If the No signal issue occurs for a longer time, you have to try connecting the same Roku device to some other TV. You can connect the Roku to another TV and check if the device works fine and gets an adequate signal to stream content. If the Roku device is working fine, the issue can be with the TV that was used earlier. But, if there is no signal issue on the new TV, then you can proceed with the next troubleshooting methods.

Connecting Roku to TV

Solution 5: Clean the Ports

When you use a Roku device over time, there are chances for the ports on the Roku device to accumulate dust. So, it would interrupt the connections, leading to no signal issue on your device; the HDMI ports are used to connect the Roku device. So, ensure to clean the HDMI ports frequently and plug the Roku device back into the TV. If the issue prolongs, you can use the alternative HDMI ports that are commonly available in most of the top brand TVs.

Solution 6: Update your Roku Device

Using Roku with outdated firmware can also be a reason for the device to function unusually. So, try updating Roku to the latest version of the OS and see if you can watch the content you wish to see.

1. From the Roku remote, click on the Home button on Roku remote

2. Move to the Settings option from the home page.

3. Select the System option, and click on the Ok button.

System option on Roku

4. Scroll down and locate the System Update option.

5. Check for the latest update from the bottom of the screen.

6. Click on the Update Now option from the menu.

7. Later, check if the issue is solved and the Roku device starts receiving a signal.

Solution 7: Clear the Cache

The soft reset process is also known as clearing cache on Roku. Follow the steps to clean up the Roku cache,

1. Press the Home button 5 times.

click on the home button

2. Press the Up Arrow once.

Press the up arrow button on Roku remote

3. Click the Rewind button 2 times.

4. Tap the Fast-forward button on the Roku remote.

By doing so, we can delete the cache on your Roku device.

Solution 8: Customer support

Once you have tried all these methods but the issue has not been fixed, you can contact customer support. This will help you to solve the No signal problem on the Roku device. You can contact the Roku Customer support center whenever you need to get assistance to fix the issue.