In recent times, many leading TV manufacturers like TCL, Hisense, and Sharp have been incorporating Roku OS into their TVs. This is because of Roku’s easy functionality, enormous features & safety it brings within the TV. Among these, the main reason why you should choose your TV with a Roku OS is the modish features its offers. Can you believe Roku provides provide more than one way even to adjust the volume? That’s the fact, and if you continue reading further, you can learn all the possible ways to adjust the volume on Roku TV in detail.

Ways to Adjust Volume on Roku TV

Users can adjust the Volume on their Roku TVs in two ways. You can do it,

Adjust Volume on Roku TV using Roku Remote

Roku provides a very user-friendly remote for its users, which you can use to adjust the volume on your Roku TV. This is a straightforward and the most effortless way to get our jobs done. To adjust the volume using a remote,

1. Turn on your Roku TV and play any media files.

2. Take your Roku TV remote and ensure that it has enough charge or sufficient batteries.

3. Point the remote to your Roku TV.

4. Press the Volume Up or Down or the Mute button on it. You can find those buttons on the side of your remote.

Volume up/down buttons on the side of Roku remote.

5. This way, you can turn up/down the volume or mute the audio on your Roku TV.

Adjust the Volume on Roku TV using the Roku Mobile App

Users can control their Roku TV using the Roku Mobile App installed on their Smart Phones. With the Roku Mobile app, not only can users control volume but also Add Channels and access The Roku Channel platform. Here, to adjust the volume of Roku TV using the app,

1. Install the Roku Mobile App (Official) on your Android Smartphone or iPhone from Play Store or App Store.

2. Now, turn on your Roku TV and press the Home button on your Roku TV remote.

3. Scroll down and select Settings.

Go to settings

4. In that, select System and choose Advances system settings after that.

Select System option

5. Choose Control by mobile apps. In that, select Network access.

Set Network Access to adjust volume on Roku TV

6. Set Network access to Default.

7. Now, on the Roku Mobile App, Sign in using the same Roku account you’ve used on your Roku TV.

8. After signing in, tap on Devices at the bottom right corner of the app.

9. In that, choose your Roku TV from the list of available devices and connect to it.

10. Now, click on the Remote icon provided at the bottom.

11. A virtual remote opens up.

12. Adjust the volume on your Roku TV using the volume buttons provided on it.

Roku remote UI

NOTE: You can also link your Roku TV to the Roku Mobile app installed on a smartphone by connecting Roku TV to the same Wi-Fi as the other device.

Adjust Volume Mode on Roku TV

Volume Mode, as the name suggests, enables users to set the volume on their TV to a certain mode. The Roku TV comes with different modes for you. To be more specific, there are 3 volume modes on Roku, namely Off, Leveling, and Night.

  • The Off volume mode turns off other volume modes, leaving the volume of the content unmodified.
  • The Leveling mode has different volumes for different contents, which is updated automatically. This will eliminate the need to change the volume of channels each time you switch them and during ads.
  • Meanwhile, the Night mode increases the soft sounds on the content along with a reduction in the loud sounds. This feature is in consideration to others who aren’t watching TV so that they don’t feel disturbed.

How to Adjust Volume Mode on Roku TV

1. Turn on your Roku TV and go to its home screen.

2. Scroll down and choose Settings.

Go to Roku TV's Settings

3. Select the Audio option from the menu.

4. Now, click the Volume Mode option and choose the suitable volume mode.

5. Now, your Roku TV adjusts audio depending on the mode you’ve set.

NOTE: To adjust Volume Mode during playback, press the Asterisk button (*) on your Roku TV remote, scroll down, and select Sound Settings. In that, tap on Volume Mode and set it as per your liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to turn up the volume on TCL Roku TV?

You can turn up/down the volume on TCL Roku TV by using its Remote or through the Roku Remote available within the Roku Mobile app.

2. How to adjust the Volume on Hisense Roku TV?

By using the TV remote provided or through the Roku Mobile app, you can adjust the volume on Hisense Roku TV.

3. How to change the audio language on Roku TV?

Turn on your Roku TV and go to its home screen, select Settings → Audio Audio preferred language → Choose the language to change the audio language on Roku TV.