Amazon Prime Video, or Amazon Prime, is an on-demand video streaming app that streams movies and TV shows on its platform. You can also watch Premium TV Channels through Amazon Prime Video on Roku. By being a Prime member, you can avail the benefits of Amazon Prime Video, Music, and e-commerce in a single subscription. You can cancel the Amazon Prime Video membership on Roku through the three methods.

Amazon Prime Video Pricing

Amazon Prime video consists of three different premium plans in its service.

  • Prime Membership: $14.99/ month and $139/ year
  • Prime Video Membership: $8.99/ month
  • Amazon Prime Student: $7.49/ month and $69/ year

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video Membership on Roku

To cancel your Amazon Prime Video membership on Roku, you can follow the three common methods on your devices.

  • Using Roku device
  • On Roku Website
  • Using Amazon website.

How to Cancel Prime Video on Roku Device

1. Turn on Roku and press the Home button.

press home button

2. Go to the Channels section and highlight Amazon Prime Video.

search Amazon Prime in the search bar

3. Now press the * (Asterisk) button on your Roku remote.

4. On the screen, select the Manage Subscription option.

Click on Manage Subscription option

5: Then click on the Cancel Subscription option.

Click Cancel subscription option to terminate Amazon Prime video on Roku

6: Again, click on the Cancel Subscription option and finish the process.

Now you have successfully canceled the subscription.

How to Cancel Prime Video on Roku Website

1. Go to the Roku website on your Smartphone or Website and click Sign in.

2. Now Log in with your Roku account.

Log in to Roku Account

3. Now, select the Manage accounts >> Manage your subscriptions option on the screen.

Select Manage your Subscriptions

4. Then, from the list of subscriptions, select Amazon Prime Video and click the Unsubscribe option.

5. Now, choose Yes Unsubscribe in the pop-up to confirm the cancelation.

How to Cancel Prime Video on Amazon Website

1. Open any web browser on a PC or Smartphone and visit the Amazon website.

2. On the website, log in with your account details.

3. Now, hover over to Account & Listings tab and select the Prime Membership option.

Choose Prime Membership option

4. Next, click on the Manage Membership option.

Select Manage Subscription option on the top

5. Now select the End Membership option.

Click End Membership to cancel Amazon Prime Video on Roku

6. Then, click on the Cancel My Benefits option.

7. Next, select the Continue to Cancel option for confirmation.

Now you have successfully canceled your Amazon Prime and Prime Video membership.


How to cancel Amazon Prime free trial?

You can easily cancel the free trial of Amazon Prime Video. Go to the app and select the Hamburger icon > Your Account > Manage Prime Membership > End Trial benefits > Continue to Cancel > Cancel Membership.