Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Prime is an on-demand video streaming app. This was developed and launched by Amazon company in the year 2006. Through Amazon, you can watch your favorite video content like tv-shows, series, movies, etc. You can subscribe to your Amazon account for $12.99 + taxes per month or $199 for a year + taxes. With your latest membership, you have access to the latest and exclusive blockbusters. You can access Amazon Prime anywhere at any time. So in this article, we explain how to cancel Amazon Prime Video on Roku TV.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video on Roku?

Canceling Amazon Prime subscription is quite an easy way. There are 3 different ways to cancel subscriptions. You can cancel the subscription:

  • Through Roku device
  • Through Roku website
  • Finally, using the Amazon website.

How to cancel Amazon Prime Video on Roku: using Roku device?

If you have subscribed through Roku, then you can use this method to cancel the subscription.

1. Turn on Roku TV and press the Home button.

press home button

2. Go to Channels and select Amazon Prime Video.

search Amazon Prime in the search bar

3. Click on Amazon Prime and Log in to your account.

4. Select Manage subscription.

Now you have successfully canceled the subscription.

Using the Roku website

If you have subscribed through Roku, then you can use this method as well.

1. Go to the Roku website and click Sign in.

2. Log in to your Roku account.

How to cancel amazon prime video on Roku

3. Choose the Manage accounts >> Manage your subscriptions.

How to cancel amazon prime video on Roku

4. Select Amazon Prime and click Unsubscribe option.

How to cancel amazon prime video on Roku

5. Now click, Yes Unsubscribe in the pop-up window to confirm the cancelation process.

You can cancel it using this method as well.

Using Amazon website

1. Go to the Amazon website and log in with your details.

2. Hover over to Account & Listings tab and select the Your Prime Membership option.

3. Click on the Manage Membership option.

4. Now click on the End Membership option.

5. Confirm your action.

Your Prime membership will be successfully canceled.

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Wrapping Up

When canceling a paid subscription, you have an option to leave the channel active until the end of the subscription date. So you can activate it whenever you want before the end of the due date of your subscription. Amazon Prime is one of the best streaming services, and you can activate it anytime you want to enjoy all the content. Additionally, Amazon Prime offers you prime plans on their shopping site as well.