It isn’t weird if you ask, “Does Roku have Amazon Prime? Can I watch Amazon Prime on Roku?” Prime Video, formally known as Amazon Video support is lately made available to Roku platform devices. It is the world’s leading streaming service and so, you can watch movies and TV shows on a big screen. Get instant access to all the latest to classic series, award-winning titles, and more. Prime Video can be accessed with the Amazon Prime membership. You will get access to hundreds of films, shows, etc, on Roku player. You will get guaranteed streaming experience in high-quality with Roku and Amazon Prime. To know more about Prime Video Roku channel, you need to proceed further.

Features of Prime Video on Roku

Get into the section below to find out the features of Prime Video.

  • It supports downloading videos and you shall watch them offline anytime.
  • Those non-Amazon Prime members can rent or purchase videos to watch it online.
  • Get recommendations based on your watch history on watch Next category of Prime video.
  • Stream exclusive Amazon Originals like Inside Edge, The Family Man, etc.
  • Use the different sections like TV, kids, movies, Originals, etc, to find titles easily.

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How to Get Amazon Prime on Roku?

Installing Prime Video on Roku as it is available as a standalone app on Roku Channel Store.

#1. Go to the Roku home screen as soon as you power on it.

#2. On the Roku remote, press the Home button.

#3. Choose Streaming Channels menu from the left side.

Select Streaming Channels
Select Streaming Channels

#4. When Channel Store opens up, scroll to find Amazon Prime Video. Else, use the search menu to find it.

#5. Click on Add Channel option at last to access Prime Video Roku version.

Add Prime Video to Roku
Add Prime Video to Roku

Try This!

If you are using the Roku mobile app, then follow the procedure to add Amazon Video on Roku. Make sure that you have logged-in with the Roku credentials on your app.

#1. Launch the Roku mobile app on your smartphone at first.

#2. Click on Channels icon from the bottom.

#3. Select Channel Store and search for Amazon Prime Video.

#4. Finally, press Add Channel. With this, your Roku TV will display Prime Video along with other channels.

How to Activate Prime Video on Roku?

It is mandatory to enter Amazon Prime Roku channel code to activate the device and start using it.

#1. Firstly, launch Prime Video Channel.

#2. Click on Sign in button to log in to your account.

#3. You will get an activation code on the Roku TV screen.

#4. Now, visit the official web page of Amazon Prime on PC (

#5. After that, enter your login details of Amazon Prime Video.

Log into Prime Video Account
Log into Prime Video Account

#6. On the next screen, enter the activation code shown on Roku TV.

#7. With this, Prime Video will refresh on your TV and you can start streaming any videos at last.

Common FAQs

Is Amazon Prime on Roku free?

Yes. Amazon Prime Video is available for free. Yet, you can access its premium features with the subscription.

How to resolve Prime Video not working on Roku issue?

To put an end to Prime Video issues on Roku, you should check the internet connection. Then, restart Roku as well as the router. Check for the firmware update on Roku. Finally, you can remove Prime Video on Roku and install it again.

Can I turn on or off Amazon Prime Subtitles Roku?

Yes. Any Roku users can easily turn on or off the subtitles or closed captioning while streaming a video.

Can I access Amazon Prime Music on Roku?

Yes. Roku Channel Store officially supports Amazon Prime Music and you can get it from the store. You can access it on Roku and play the music you love listening from two million songs any time.

To Sum Up

Hoping that you have found the answer for how to watch Prime Video on Roku in detail from this article. Once after getting it, you shall stream your favourite shows and contents anytime. After the 30-day free trial, you shall buy the subscription at $8.99/month to stream videos anytime.

Keep supporting us! Did you face any problem while installing Prime Video on Roku? Then ask it as comments below and let us try resolving it. Visit for more Roku related articles.