Amazon Music is a music streaming application developed and operated by Amazon and it is the competitor to Spotify. With the Amazon Music platform, you can listen to millions of songs with unlimited downloading offline as well. By using Amazon Music, you can stream ad-free songs with prime membership. Amazon Music app is available on almost all devices, including Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android phones & tablets, iPhones, iPad, Apple TV, and much more. If you are using a Roku streaming player, then you can easily install Amazon Music on Roku as well.

Features of Amazon Music

Here are the features of Amazon Music:

  • Ad-free music streaming with your Prime membership
  • Unlimited offline downloading
  • Hands-free Alexa available
  • Millions of songs available to listen
  • Stay updated with the latest releases

How to Add Amazon Music to Roku?

Amazon Music is available on the channel store of Roku. Hence, you can easily add Amazon Music to your channels. Just follow the steps below to install Amazon Music on Roku:

#1: Plugin Roku to the HDMI port of your TV and turn it on.

Plugged in to the TV

#2: You will find different options on the homepage of your device. Click on the “Streaming Channels” option.

How to install Amazon Music on Roku

#3: There are different options available under the “Streaming Channels” option. Click on the “Search Channels” option under the Streaming Channels link.

Search Channels

#4: Now enter the key term “Amazon Music.” Roku will display the suggestion on the other side. Click on the Amazon Music app on the suggestions.

#5: The Amazon Music app page will open. Click on the “+ Add Channel” button.

How to install Amazon Music on Roku

#6: After adding the Amazon Music channel, select the OK button.

#7: Next, select the Go to Channel option to launch the Amazon Music app.

How to Activate the Amazon Music on Roku

The following are the steps to get the Amazon Music on your streaming device.

1. Once you launch the Amazon Music app, select the Sign In or Get Started button.

2. Then, you will receive a 5 digit activation code. Note the code down.

3. Next, visit on any web browser.

4. Enter the Activation Code and click on Submit.

5. After that, sign in with your Amazon Music account.

6. After verifying your account credentials, launch the Amazon Music app.

7. Then, you can browse or search any musicyou want to listen to it on your Roku TV.

Alternative Method – How to Screen Mirror Amazon Music to Roku

With the feature like screen mirroring on Roku, you can easily mirror the Amazon Music app from Android or iOS Smartphone.

Screen Mirror Amazon Music to Roku from Android Smartphone

Connect your Android Smartphone and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network and follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Google Play Store and install the Amazon Music app.

Install Amazon Music app

2. Then, open the Notification Panel and tap on Cast.

Tap on Cast

3. Your Smartphone will scan for nearby devices. Once you see your Roku devices name, click on it.

4. Next, launch the Amazon Music app and sign in with your subscription account.

5. Choose any available music and play it.

Screen mirror Amazon Music to Roku

6. Finally, the selected music will be mirrored to your Roku TV.

Screen Mirror Amazon Music to Roku from iOS Smartphone

1. Initially, connect your iOS Smartphone to the Wi-Fi network as same as your Roku TV.

2. Install the Amazon Music app from the App Store.

Download the Amazon Music app

3,. Once you install the Amazon Music app, launch it and sign in to your account.

4. Then, keep the Amazon Music app running in the background. Then, swipe your iOS Smartphone’s screen from up to down to bring down the Control Center.

5. Tap on the Screen Mirroring tab and choose your Roku device.

Tap on Screen Mirroring

6. Then, open the Amazon Music app running in the background

7. Play any music you want and it will be mirrored to your Roku TV.

Screen Mirror Amazon Music to Roku from PC

1. Visit the official website of Amazon Music.

2. Then, enter your sign in credentials to login to your account.

Amazon Music web page

3. Browse for any music you want to listen to.

4. Don’t forget to connect your PC and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network.

5. Next, press the Windows + K keys simultaneously.

6. Choose your Roku device from the available devices list.

Select your Roku device

7. Finally, you can play any music on your PC to mirror it to your Roku TV.


Amazon Music is now added to your device. You can follow the same method to install Amazon Music on all Roku devices, including Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Ultra, and other devices as well. By installing Amazon Music, you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs from the millions of songs available.

Freequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Amazon Music app available for Roku TV?

Yes, the Amazon Music app is available on the Channel Store.

2. How to fix if the Amazon Music is not working on Roku?

You need check if your Amazon Music subscription is valid and try again.