Frndly TV is a streaming TV which is based on internet services. It offers the contents which are in demand, cloud-based DVR, and also offers LIVE channels. This is an American TV service launched in the year 2019. It offers 15+more family-friendly channels. You can use its 7-day free trial. To enjoy watching the Hallmark channel, Gameshow Network, you can choose a Frndly TV subscription for a month. It offers three plans called Basic, Classic, and Premium. The Basic plan costs $5.99, the Classic plan costs $7.99, and the Premium plan costs $9.99. In this article, we explain how to cancel Frndly TV on Roku.

How to cancel Frndly TV on Roku?

Canceling a Frndly TV subscription is very easy, and you can do it anywhere and anytime according to your need. There are three different ways to cancel the Frndly TV subscription. They are

  • Using Roku device
  • Using Roku website
  • Finally Using Frndly TV website

1. How to cancel Frndly TV on Roku: Using Roku device

#1. Go to the Home screen and navigate your remote to highlight the Frndly TV.

How to cancel Frndly TV on Roku

#2. Press the (*) button on the remote and select Manage subscription.

#3. Select Cancel subscription.

#4. Click again Cancel subscription to confirm it.

That is all. You have completed the process.

2. Using Roku website

#1. Open the browser and head to the Roku website, and Sign in.

How to cancel Frndly TV on Roku

#2. Select My Account from the profile icon.

#3. Select Manage accounts >> Manage your subscription.

How to cancel Frndly TV on Roku

#4. Now, next to Frndly TV, select Cancel subscription.

#5. Confirm it by clicking the Yes Unsubscribe option.

Congratulations. You have completed the cancelation process.

There is also another way to cancel the Frndly TV subscription instead of using the Roku device and Roku website method. It is the Frndly TV website method which is easier than any other method.

3. Using Frndly TV website

You can directly use this method to cancel the subscription.

#1. Open the Frndly TV account in the browser.

#2. Click on the Settings.

#3. Now select the Cancel subscription option.

#4. Confirm it, and that’s it.

You can easily unsubscribe from the Frndly TV using the web browser.

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To Conclude

When canceling a paid subscription, you have an option to leave the channel active until the end of the billing date. After that, you can activate your account until the due date of your subscription ends. You need to subscribe newly after the due date to enjoy watching the videos. Finally, you have learned all the possible methods to cancel the Frndly TV subscription from the above article. By following any one method, you can cancel it without any issues. If any issue with cancellation, share it with us in the comment section.