IHeartRadio is a streaming broadcast, podcast radio platform. It is an American company app owned by IHeart media in the year 2008. This Radio station allows you to listen to Breaking News, sports, weather, music, comedy, and talk show. IheartRadio costs $4.99 for Android users and $5.99 for iOS users. Through this radio station, you get access to 1500 LIVE stations and more than 15 million songs around the U.S. The best part is that you can enjoy listening to ads-free content. And the bad part is you cannot pause, rewind, or record them in the upcoming session on how to cancel an iHeartRadio subscription on Roku.

How to Cancel an iHeartRadio Subscription on Roku?

You can subscribe and cancel the subscription whenever you want. To cancel the subscription, there are three different methods. They are heading as below.

1. Canceling using Roku device

2. Using the Roku website

3. Using the IHeartRadio website

How to Cancel an iHeartRadio subscription on Roku: Using Roku device

If you already have a Roku account, you can cancel the subscription using the steps directed below.

#1. Press the Home button on the Roku remote.

how to cancel an iHeartRadio subscription on Roku

#2. Now highlight the iHeartRadio app by using the directional pad in the Roku remote.

#3. Press the (*) button on the Roku remote.

#4. Select Manage subscriptions > Cancel subscriptions.

#5. Confirm the action by clicking it again.

You have completed the subscription cancelation process.

Using Roku website:

#1. Head to the Roku website using your PC browser

#2. Select Sign In and Log in using your account.

how to cancel an iHeartRadio subscription on Roku

#3. Click Manage account > Manage your subscription.

how to cancel an iHeartRadio subscription on Roku

#4. Select IHeartRadio > Cancel subscription.

#5. Confirm the action.

You have canceled it successfully.

Using IHeartRadio websitE

#1. Visit the IHeartRadio website on your browser.

#2. Select Subscriptions and click on Change plans.

#3. Next, select Cancel plans to confirm the cancelation.

#4. Select Cancel subscriptions.

You no longer have a subscription to this app.

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To Conclude

You can cancel your subscription at any point without paying further payment. It is completely based on your need to have or cancel the subscription. Cancelation is not a painful process as it takes nearly 3 to 4 minutes to cancel any subscription. The methods from the above-mentioned article will help you to resolve your subscription problem. Attempt any one of those methods to cancel your IHeartRadio subscription. Found helpful share your opinion with us in the comment box.