Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is a public broadcaster and television program distributor. This was launched in the year 1970 by Hartford N.Gunn Jr, James Day, John Macy. PBS is an American channel and non-profit membership organization. And also it is America’s largest classroom for American children which helps them to get success in schools. It offers a subscription that costs 45 per month and $60 per year. With the subscription you can stream In this article, you will know about how to cancel PBS on Roku.

How to Cancel PBS on Roku?

Canceling the subscription is not a big deal. You can cancel the subscription according to your need. There are three different methods to cancel the subscription. They are as follows.

  1. You can cancel using Roku device

2. Using the Roku website

3. Using the PBS website

How to cancel PBS on Roku: Using Roku device?

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2. Navigate the remote to highlight the PBS channel using the directional pad in the Roku remote.

Add Channel

3. Press the (*) button.

How to cancel PBS on Roku

4. Select the Manage subscription and click Cancel subscription.

5. confirm your action.

Your cancelation process is completed.

2. Using Roku website

1. Open your browser on your PC and go to the Roku website.

2. Select Sign In and Log in.

Sign in to your account

3. Select Manage account >> Manage your subscriptions.

How to cancel PBS on Roku

4. Select PBS and click Cancel subscription.

5. Click again to confirm the cancelation.

You have canceled your PBS subscription on Roku.

You can also use the third method instead of using the above-mentioned methods. It is quite easier than other methods.

3. Using PBS website

1. Open the PBS website and Sign in to your account.

2. On the top right corner of the screen click the Profile Icon.

3. Tap Payments & Subscriptions.

4. Select the Subscriptions and tap Cancel Subscription to cancel.

You will no longer have a subscription to this channel.

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Winding Up

People choose subscriptions to enjoy the latest features. Also, they wish to cancel them if it doesn’t extend to their desires. Cancelation is an easy process. Canceling the subscription is a 2-minute process where you can do it by yourself with the above-given guide. Use any one of the methods to cancel the PBS subscription. comment us your easy and accessible method so that we can provide you more guidance.