The Media Access Control address, or the MAC address, is a unique identification assigned to Roku by the manufacturer. In case you need to find your MAC address on Roku for whatever reason may be, you can easily get it.

How to Find MAC address on Roku TV

There are two ways to Find the MAC address. They are:

  • Find the MAC address Without a Remote
  • From the MAC Address With Remote

Find the MAC Address on Roku Without a Remote

In case you have a Roku player, take a closer look at the side or the back panel of the device. You can see a label stuck there. From there, you can find both the MAC address as well as the IP address. It’s the same case for Roku TV; you can locate the label containing the MAC address on the back panel of your TV.

Find the MAC address on Roku With Remote

1. On the home screen, choose the Settings option.

2. Navigate to and select the Network option.

3. Choose the About option.

Now, you can find the MAC address

Find MAC address on Roku

Why Do I Need to Find the IP Address on Roku

Without the help of the MAC address, Roku won’t connect to wifi. In case you have been stuck with the internet connectivity issue on Roku, you can get support using the MAC address you found earlier. The MAC address is nothing but a unique 12-digit hexadecimal number assigned by your manufacturer for each device.

Why the MAC Address is Important

Let us consider the situation where you have four Roku devices with you, and you have connected all the devices with one router. Your Router doesn’t basically know where to send the data traffic. So, with the help of the MAC address, your router allocates data traffic for all the devices you have connected your router with.


Flipping your Roku device or going through the back panel of your Roku TV is the easiest way to find your MAC address. Otherwise, you have to go to the Roku Settings for the same.