Roku is a streaming device that completely depends on the internet. Which makes them an easy target for fraudulent activities. So, we should be cautious and clear during the activation, setup, and subscription process, as Roku does not charge for any of the processes mentioned above. However, the Roku scams happening nowadays can be in any form. So gather adequate knowledge before initiating the processes. Always be aware of the primary factors listed below,

  • Roku does not charge for any processes right from the setup to support.
  • At any point, Roku devices need not be connected to devices, like PCs, other than a smart TV.
  • If you are asked to reach out to a number or respond to an email and request to pay for a service, report it immediately.
  • Roku does not offer deals like lifetime access to Netflix or other apps.

Types of Scams Happen on Roku

Nowadays, scams have become so common that it happens everywhere around. So, ensure to verify before starting the process or initiating payments. Below listed are the types of scams that have been reported frequently.

  • Roku Activation Scam
  • Account Creation and Setup
  • Fake Roku Deals
  • Fake Roku Support
  • Paid Roku Updates
  • Takeover Control of Roku Device
  • Roku Phishing Emails
  • Counterfeit Roku

Roku Activation Scams

Roku Activation scams are one of the most commonly reported scams. This appears first when you set up the Roku on the TV. While settings your device, a pop-up message appears that you must call a support phone number to activate it.

Roku fake activation page

The second way of this scam is by letting you reach the scammer. Here you will search for Roku activation on your browser and choose a website that is not a legitimate site. The scammer’s website will more or less have the same look and feel as the official site, including Roku logos and other information they carry.

The next process would be to get the user’s details and reach out to the scammer’s number or provide you with a dummy activation code that does not work. Now, it would prompt you to call the scammer’s number. You will be asked to pay for the activation or subscription on the call, which is not how an authentic Roku process works.

Roku Account Creation and Setup

Roku never charges any charge to create an account or set up the device; many articles and videos will guide you through the process. While creating an account, if you see anyone who came across charging for this, cease them immediately. Sometimes the scammers will act as the Roku support agent and charge the fees to create the account.

Fake Roku Deals

Once the initial device cost is paid, your Roku device can be used without additional charges. However, subscriptions and other premium streaming services like Netflix or Disney come under optional ones. So, you will have to pay for their premium subscription plans. But, none of these third-party application offers lifetime subscription plans, which does not exist in reality.

Fake Roku deals from Roku scams

Roku Fake Support

Like any other third-party application, Roku provides support options on its official website. There is a lot of helpful information and the Roku community to help you. This also has live chat and Email support for all queries. If any so-called support executive tries charging you for any subscription, it is a scam, and you will have to report them immediately.

Roku fake number support from Roku scams

Roku never asks for any payments when they are assisting the customer. However, at times scammers may put you under threat, which would end in demanding payments; in that case, all you have to do is to report the issue.

Paid Roku Updates

If you need to update your Roku device, you can simply connect to the internet and complete the updation process. But, there are instances when the scammers would make you think the updation process would require payment.

Takeover Control of Roku Device

Roku does not take over your device at any instance. It ensures the user’s safety of our personal or payment details linked to the device. So, never let anyone take control of your device for any reason. Because they might take control of your account completely and disable them, next, they will ask for the credit card details to reactivate the account. Later, you will lose your money to the scammer.

Roku Phishing Emails

There are various Scams that not only target new users. Even the existing customers would be receiving Phishing emails that try to make customers believe that Roku has been deactivated. This process will make them call a customer support executive using the number mentioned in the email to reactivate your account. This kind of email will make you call the scammer directly and make the payment for the reactivation process.

Counterfeit Roku

Counterfeit Roku is among many popular devices; the Roku scam can never happen at the time of purchase. This happens with other popular devices; the products are usually made from low-quality materials and will have a short life span. While purchasing a Roku device, you have to be careful to avoid fake Roku devices. Make sure you’re buying the best Roku device from a reputable retail seller or directly from the Roku website.