A lot of Roku users are complaining about the Double screen issue in the Roku community. Sometimes the screen on your TVs screen splits itself. As a result, you can’t use the Roku device properly. Your Roku device will function very well but, the real problem is visual. The visual clarity will be very poor, and this issue may arise because of a technical glitch. But you don’t want to panic or get frustrated. You can fix this issue yourself and can temporarily fix this issue by restarting your Roku device. There are no guidelines from Roku support to fix the Double screen issue. But there is a way to fix the split-screen issue permanently. So, in the below section, you can find both the temporary and temporary fixes below.

How to Fix Double Screen Issue On Roku?

There are two ways you can resolve the Double screen issue on your Roku device. They are:

  • Restart your Roku device
  • Disable Auto Adjust display refresh rate

Restart your Roku device

1. Press the Home button on your Roku device.

2. Select Settings and choose System.

3. In the System section, choose System Restart.

4. Then, select Restart.

Select Restart to restart your Roku device.

Now, your Roku device will restart. The split-screen on your Roku device will be resolved. But it is only a temporary fix. You need the disable the auto-refresh rate from the Settings to get a permanent fix.

Disable Auto Adjust display Refresh Rate

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2. Select Settings from the Home Screen.

3. Then, select System.

4. Now, select Advanced system settings > Advanced display Settings.

5. Select Advanced Display Settings.

6. Choose Auto-adjust display refresh rate and Select Disabled.

Select Disabled to fix the split screen issue on Roku.

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Now, you can follow the above method to get a permanent fix. You don’t have to go anywhere if you have a Double screen issue. Just restart or disable the Auto-adjust display refresh rate on your Roku. Drop your comments in the comment box below if you have any queries.