While you are streaming the app on Roku, you may feel that it can look better with zooming the screen. You may prefer your Roku device screen for having a particular screen size. Every time you wish to stream content on Roku TV with the best Picture Settings. Now, your wish has come true because the Roku TV allows you to customize your screen size as you like. You can adjust the screen size through Advanced Picture Settings on your Roku TV. From there, you can also try each of the Picture Size ratios to see which one best suits your needs.

How to Adjust Screen Size on Roku TV

Adjusting screen size on Roku is often a much-needed setting. This adjustment helps to match your Roku TV display to the actual screen size. The process of adjusting screen size on Roku TV is relatively easy and simple to execute.

1. Turn on your Roku device and play any of our favorite content.

2. Press the Asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote.

3. Select Advanced Picture Settings.

4. Then, choose Picture Size to see Roku TV’s available adjustable screen size option.

how to adjust screen size on roku tv

5. Now, you can use the Up and Down arrow button to select various aspect ratios (i.e., Zoom, Direct, Auto, Normal, Stretch) and adjust the screen size on Roku.

How to Adjust Screen Size on TCL Roku TV – Via Display Type

Sometimes when you watch TV shows of HDR quality on your Roku device, you may encounter poor picture quality. At such times, you can try changing the display type of your Roku device.

1. Press the Home button on the Roku remote.

2. Go to Settings and select Display type.

3. Choose any of the available display types.

how to adjust screen size on roku tv

4. If your Roku player supports the display type you’ve selected, you may see a notification message like Ok, go to automatic, just select it to finalize the action.

how to adjust screen size on roku tv

There are times when the Roku device displays a double-screen error. It is quite a common issue, and you can easily Fix the Double Screen Issue on Roku.

How to Fix Resolution issues on Roku

There are a lot of picture quality options that you can select as per your wish. But not all the framerates will support your Roku TV. For Example, If you select 4K at 30 Hz, you can see a black screen on your TV because of the incompatibility issues. But you don’t want to worry because if the frame rate you selected is not supported, the framerate will reset within 15 seconds. The next thing is that if you find out that your Roku device supports 4K at 30 HZ and still has some issues with picture quality. The picture quality on your TV is low, and the reason may be that you are using an outdated version of the Roku firmware. The issues will be resolved instantly if you update Roku firmware.


How do I get my Roku TV screen back to its normal size?

To get your Roku TV screen back to normal size, you just need to head to Advanced Picture Settings > Picture Size and select Normal.