Roku is a popular streaming device that connects to the HDMI port of your TV. It gives you access to unlimited entertainment through free and paid content. With different channels of Netflix, Amazon, SlingTV, Hulu, YouTube, and other similar platforms, you can stream unlimited content. Some give you content with a paid subscription, while others are totally free. Moreover, you have features to hide channels on Roku as well. Let’s discuss this today.

Why do we have to Hide Channels on Roku?

The reason for hiding channels can be different for different Roku users. Parental Control is just one of the reasons to hide channels on Roku, yet important. As we know, all the service providers have content unsuitable for kids. So, there arises a need for parental control on Roku. To hide channels on Roku, lock the Channel list with a 4-digit password, preventing further addition of channels on Roku.


How to Set a Roku Pin?

With a 4-digit passcode, let’s prevent further addition of channels on the Channel List.

1. On any web browser and visit Next, sign in to your account.

3. Next, choose the Update option from the PIN preference section. Further, choose the option that requires a PIN for adding channels to the Channel Store.

Select the Update option

4. Next, Enter the 4 digit pin on the space provided for the same.

Create a Roku PIN

5. Finally, select the Verify option and  Save Changes option.

Remove Channels on Roku via PIN

After setting a PIN for adding channels, let us remove all unwanted channels on Roku. Follow these easy steps.

1. Initially, press the Home button on your remote to launch the Roku home page.

2. Next, select the My Channels options from the home screen using the Roku remote.

3. Now, navigate to the channel you want to remove using the remote.

4. Click on the Asterisk * key on the remote. Further, click on the Remove Channel option.

Remove Channel

5. Next, press on OK. Further, click OK again on being prompted.

NOTE: You must enter your Roku PIN to remove the channel on your streaming device.

With this, you have removed one of your channels if you have more channels to remove, repeat the same on all of those.

Hide Channels from Appearing on the Store

Further, if you need to hide a channel from appearing on the Store.

1. Press the  Home button and go to the home page.

2. Next, Select the Settings option and then the Home Screen option.

3. Next, select the Arrow on the right corner of your screen.

4. Finally, select the  Movie Store and TV Store and then Hide.

Select the Hide option to hide the Roku channel

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Hide Antenna Channels on Roku TV

You may have now noted that the Antenna channels are not most suited to family audiences. So, you can block the same by following the steps below.

1. Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote and select Settings.

2. Then, scroll down and select the TV Inputs option.

3. Next, select the Antenna TV option.

4. Finally, you can choose any Antenna channel to restrict it.

After completing the steps above, all the Antenna channels will be blocked, and to unblock it enter your Roku PIN.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you hide Roku channels?

Yes, you can hide Roku channels.

2. How to hide Roku channels?

First, you should have created your Roku PIN. Then, select the Home Screen option from the Settings to hide Roku Channels.