Do you want to know more about the Roku Secret Menu? You have come to the right place. The secret menu on Roku is one of the best features that is available on all Roku models. With the Roku Secret Menu, you can access and perform functions on the device using the shortcuts on the Roku remote.

This Secret Menu feature is accessible on all models of TV brands, such as TCL, Hisense, JVC, Sharp, Magnavox, etc. The secret menu also helps you to troubleshoot your streaming device in the easiest way possible.

This article will explain you how to access the Roku Secret Menu using the codes. We have also covered the purpose of each of the Roku Secret Menus.

How to Access the Secret Menus on Roku

There are currently 12 secret menus available on Roku. They are:

In this article, we have mentioned a series of shortcut terms to access the Roku secret screen. So, for your better understanding, know the shortcut terms we have mentioned in this article below:

  • FF – Fast Forward
  • RW – Rewind
  • PP – Play / Pause
Roku remote

Secret Menu 1 – WiFi Secret Menu

Purpose – Using this secret menu, you will get complete knowledge of your WiFi connectivity such as Speed Test and Glitch Rate and the options to troubleshoot your WiFi connection,

Secret code – To access this Secret screen on Roku, use the code – Press the Home button (5 times)UpDownUpDownUp.


Secret Menu 2 – Screenshot

Purpose – You can use this secret menu to change the default screenshot file format. In addition, you can also check the pairing status of the gaming remote, scrollable ads, and log theme info.

Secret Code – On your Roku remote, press the Home button (5 times)UpDownUp DownUp.


Secret Menu 3 – Reset / Update

Purpose – This secret menu helps you to reset your Roku easily. You can even perform the update of your Roku device easily.

Secret Code – Tap the Home (5 times) → Press the FF button (3 times) → Press the RW button (2 times).

Reset or Update

Secret Menu 4 – Platform

Purpose – Here, you can check your Roku temperature, CPU Speed, Voltage, etc., easily.

Secret Code – Hit the Home button (5 times) on our Roku remote → FF PPRWPP.

Platform Roku Secret Menu

Secret Menu 5 – Bit Rate Override

Purpose – You can set the bitrate at which the video needs to be streamed.

Secret Code – On your Roku remote, hit the Home button (5 times) → FF DownRWDownRW.


Secret Menu 6 – Antenna

Purpose – If you have connected an antenna to your Roku TV, this secret menu will be useful in getting the status of the antenna signals.

Secret Code – Press the Home button on your remote (5 times) → FFDownRWDownRW.

Wireless Roku secret menu

Secret Menu 7 – Roku Channels

Purpose: This secret screen helps you in getting complete knowledge of all the channels you have installed on Roku.

Secret Code – On your remote, tap the Home button (3 times) > Up button (2 times) → LeftRightLeftRight.

Roku Channels

Secret Menu 8 – HDMI

Purpose: You can use this secret screen to check video resolutions that support your Roku device, such as HDR or 4K.

Secret Code – Hit the Home button (5 times) on your remote → DownLeftUp button (3 times).

HDMI Secret Screen

Secret Menu 9 – Network

Purpose – You will get complete info about the network you have connected.

Secret Code – Press the Home button on your remote (5 times) → UpRightDownLeftUp.

Secret Menu 10 – Developer

Purpose – In case you are a developer, you can enable the developer mode on Roku using the secret menu. With this secret code, you can add private channels on Roku to test it.

Secret Code – Press the Home button (3 times) > Up button (2 times)RightLeftRightLeftRight.

Developer menu

Secret Menu 11 – Reboot

Purpose: This secret menu lets you access the Reboot menu to restart Roku.

Secret Code – Hit the Home button on your remote (5 times)UpRightDownLeft Up.

Secret Menu 12 – Theme

Purpose – You can get to this menu to access various themes available for Roku. This secret menu allows you to disable ads on your streaming device.

Secret Code: Press the Home button on your remote (5 times)UpRightDownLeftUp.

Is Jailbreaking Required to Access the Secret Menu

No, Jailbreaking Roku isn’t necessary to access the secret menu. In addition, you don’t need to tweak the Settings to access the secret menu. You are only required to perform a series of functions on your remote to access the Roku secret menu.

How to Fix Roku Secret Menu Not Working

There are many possibilities behind when the Roku Secret Menus aren’t working. You can follow the below troubleshooting guide to fix the issues and start using the secret menus.

1. Check whether the remote batteries are drained. If so, replace it with a new one.

2. Ensure the buttons are stuck in the remote.

3. Sometimes, you might haven’t entered the exact code. Enter the correct secret code and try again.

4. Place the remote in line with the TV and check.

5. Restart your Roku TV which will clear cache issues and respond swiftly.

6. Update Roku TV and try using the secret menus again.


1. How do I get the Roku TV Secret Menu?

You need a press a series of combinations on your Roku remote to get the Roku TV Secret Menu. Each set of combinations corresponds to different functions on your Roku.

2. Can I update TCL Roku TV using a secret Menu?

Yes, you can update your TV using the secret menu.