Roku is a well-known streaming device that is popular all over the world. No matter what Roku model you buy, you will get a Roku remote. You can use the Roku remote to control your Roku device using voice commands by pairing it to the device. Roku remote is small, well designed, and fits right in your hands. Sometimes, we might have to open the Roku remote simply to replace the battery or get it repaired when the Roku remote is not working. The Roku remote has two options to be open, one is the battery compartment, and the other is to completely dismantle the remote to get it serviced.

Open Battery Compartment on Roku Remote

If you want to replace your Roku remote batteries, but the battery compartment isn’t budging, then try the methods below:

1. Make sure you have a plastic opening tool with you.

2. Then, turn your Roku remote to the back side.

3. Normally, you can open your Roku remote by sliding from top to down on the battery compartment cover.

4. If this doesn’t work, take the Plastic opening tool and make sure that the sharp end faces your remote.

5. On the gap between the remote and battery compartment cover, press the plastic tool and twist it.

Remove the battery compartment cover
Remove the batteries - How to Open Roku Remote

6. Your battery compartment cover will get loose, and you can easily remove it with your hands.

7. Remove the batteries from the remote and replace them with new ones.

8. Close the battery compartment. Now, you can control the Roku device by using this remote.

Disassemble Roku Remote [With Screw]

If you want to know what’s inside your Roku remote or clean the buttons, you need to disassemble it.

1. First, Open the Battery Compartment by following the above-mentioned method.

2. For this step, you need a Philips PH0 screwdriver or other compatible screwdrivers.

3. Remove the batteries, press the screwdriver on the screw and rotate it counterclockwise.

Use the screwdriver

4. Remove all the screws that you see in the battery compartment.

5. Use your plastic opening tool on the seam between the top cover and the bottom casing.

6. Now, using the plastic opening tool, create a wedge to easily separate them.

dismember the remote - How to Open Roku Remote

7. Once separated, remove the motherboard and the buttons using the hand.

Remote the motherboard