Every Roku TV device is accompanied by a remote. Moreover, several popular brands have also collaborated with Roku by designing TVs that run on Roku OS. Although you can use your device without a remote, you won’t get the same experience as a physical remote. Every remote would not look the same, depending on the models and features, it might keep varying. So, it is good to know the dimension or how long is the Roku remote, as it would help if you plan to get a new one.

List of Roku Remote

There are many types of Roku remotes available depending on features and size. And also, as mentioned, various other TV brands have integrated with Roku. Gathering additional knowledge on a product would help us decide better. Below-listed is the types of remote available in the market.

Roku Simple Remote

This remote uses the IR (Infrared) light to control the device from a short distance. If you want the commands to be executed properly, point the remote directly to the device, and there shouldn’t be any obstacle blocking the line of sight between the remote and the device.

142mm or 5.5 inches42mm or 1.7 inches20mm or 0.8 inches71g or 2.5 ounces

Roku Voice Remote

The Roku Voice remote is a great option to control your device using voice commands. It lets us quickly access our favorite music, podcasts, live radio, and more. Moreover, if you have a Roku TV, you have the option to search and control music when the TV screen is off. It has features like push-to-talk voice, channel shortcut buttons, and more.

Roku Voice Remote
142mm or 5.6 inches41mm or 1.6 inches21mm or 0.8 inches45g or 1.6 Ounce(oz)

Roku Voice Remote Pro

The Voice Remote Pro is an efficient remote that makes the job easier for the users. It is conveniently rechargeable, with the hands-free voice control feature. Some additional features that make the remote unique are that it has private listening and an option to locate your lost remote.

Roku Voice Remote Pro - How long is Roku remote
145 mm or 5.7 inches42 mm or 1.7 inches23mm or 0.9 inches80g or 2.8 Ounce(oz)

Onn Roku Remote

This remote is compatible with Onn TV and can be can used to control your Onn TV.

222 mm or 8.75 inches76 mm or 3 inches19mm or 0.75 inches50g or 1.8 Ounce(oz)

TCL Roku Remote

This controller is one of the best Roku remotes that work for TCL TV that runs on Roku OS.

280 mm or 11 inches152 mm or 6 inches254 mm or 10 inches51 g or 1.8 Ounce(oz)

Roku Express Remote

Roku Express Remote
124 mm or 5 inches124 mm or 5 inches43 mm or 2 inches36 g or 1.3 Ounce(oz)

Hisense Roku Remote

It is a popular remote with a lot of features that is compatible with the Hisense TV models.

127 mm or 5 inches51 mm or 2 inches24mm or 1 inches40.8g or 1.44 Ounce(oz)


How long is a Roku remote in inches?

The size of the remote would vary between 5 – 13 inches, depending on the TV model.