Closed captioning lets you display the text of spoken terms or background noise or sound effects of the video played on the screen. It is similar to the subtitles that display the speech in the form of text to make it more understandable for users. If you find the closed caption annoying while streaming the content, you can turn it off on your Roku device right away.

This article covers the instructions on the feasible methods for disabling closed captions on your Roku TV. We have added the troubleshooting methods to follow when you can’t turn off closed captions.

How to Turn Off Closed Caption During Video Playback on Roku

Disabling captions during video playback is the quickest way to turn off the feature. To turn off the caption for a particular video on your Roku, follow the steps below.

[1] Stream any video on your Roku.

[2] Press the Star (*) button on your Roku remote.

Press the Star button on Roku remote

[3] A pop menu for closed caption/audio configuration will appear on the screen.

[4] Select Caption mode from the menu.

Select Captions Mode to turn off closed captions on Roku

[5] Select Off to disable the closed caption on Roku.

Note: This method is not applicable to all streaming channels available on Roku. For those channels, you need to turn off the captions in the Roku settings.

How to Turn Off Closed Caption via Roku Settings

[1] Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

[2] Select Settings from the menu.

Select Settings

[3] Navigate to Accessibility from the settings and select Caption Mode or choose Caption directly from the Settings (Based on your Roku device).

Select Accessibility

[4] Now select Caption mode.

Select Captions Mode

[5] In Caption mode, choose Off to turn off the closed caption on Roku.

Select off

How to Disable Closed Captions on Roku using The Roku App

If your Roku remote is not working, you can pair the Roku Mobile App with the device to disable closed captions.

1. Install the Roku App on your smartphone.

2. Open the Roku App and tap the Profile icon.

3. Sign in with the Roku account credentials.

4. Head to the Home screen and tap Devices.

5. Select your Roku device to get connected with the app.

Select your Roku device

6. Once done, tap Remote from the options.

7. Press the Star (*) button on the virtual remote while playing the content.

Press the Star button to turn off closed caption on Roku

8. Select the Caption Mode and choose Off to disable.


How to fix Roku’s closed caption not turning off?

If you can’t turn off the closed caption, reboot Roku TV and try again. If you still can’t disable it, reset the Roku TV.

Can you enable closed captions on the Netflix channel on Roku?

Yes, you can enable the closed captions on the Netflix channel on Roku.