Roku TV and Roku TV stick are undoubtedly the most efficient streaming mediums in the ongoing trend. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t prone to any issues and technical problems. It is common for Roku to have functioning issues unexpectedly, just like any other electronic device. If you are facing serious issues with Roku, then adapt to factory resetting to get rid of it. The factory reset feature is specially made available for troubleshooting purposes and is available on all Roku device models. Enabling this feature will completely erase all the settings and data stored on your Roku, thereby eliminating all the errors and glut cache on Roku. Also, you can reset Roku if you are going to sell it, as it will delete your account credentials.

But factory resetting is an utmost process and has to be done on your Roku TV or stick only if there is no other go to resolve your problem. So, always try restarting your Roku before getting into factory resetting. Follow the below steps to restart your Roku device.

1. Go to Settings from the Roku home screen.

2. Navigate and select the System option.

3. Then, choose System restart.

4. At last, hit the Restart option. Now, your Roku device will turn off by itself and turn on again. Immediately check if the issues on your Roku device are resolved. If it is not yet resolved, you can factory reset your Roku device and bring it back to normal by following our upcoming guidances.

Ways to Factory Reset Roku TV

There exist three ways to do this process. You can factory reset Roku using

How to Factory Reset Roku With Remote

1. Turn on your Roku and press the Home button on your remote.

2. In the appearing Home screen, scroll down and select the Settings menu.

Select Settings

3. From Settings, choose the System option.

Select System

4. Scroll down and select Advanced system settings.

Select Advanced System Settings

5. Now, select the Factory reset option.

6. Enter the Pin displayed on your screen in the required field and click the OK option to begin the Roku reset process.

Select OK - Factory Reset Roku

7. Finally, click on the Start factory reset button from the pop-up window.

Select Start Factory Reset - Reset Roku

By doing so, your Roku TV or Roku TV stick-connected TV will shut down automatically and turn on after a few seconds. Now, your Roku will look just like when you bought it new.

How to Factory Reset Roku Using Reset Button

If you are an old Roku TV user, you can reset it without even picking up your Roku remote. Because Roku TVs have a Reset button built into them. The following method is most suitable to reset your Roku TV if you can only see a black screen on the TV screen.

1. On the backside of your TV, locate the Reset button.

2. Based on your TV model, the Reset button may be tactical or Pinhole based, as displayed in the below images.

Reset Roku

3. If your TV has a Reset button, press and hold it. If yours has a Reset Pinhole, take a paperclip and insert it into the pinhole gently.

4. Once you see the status light flashing rapidly after a few seconds, you can release the hold on the Reset button or take the paperclip out of the pinhole.

5. Your TV will restart now. Once it turns on, you have to set up your Roku to access it like heretofore.

How to Factory Reset Roku Using the Roku App

In case your Roku remote is not working or your TV screen is frozen, the Roku app comes to your aid to control your Roku temporarily and factory reset it. Here’s how to do it.

1. Download the Roku app (Official) from Google Play Store or App Store according to your Smartphone.

2. After installation, launch the app and sign in to your Roku account.

3. Then connect your Smartphone to the same WiFi in which your Roku device is connected.

4. After login, click the Devices tab at the bottom of the Roku app.

Tap on the Devices tab

5. Next, your Roku device will appear on the list of available devices in the Roku app.

6. Select your Roku device’s name from the list and tap on it.

7. Once you connect the Roku device to the Roku app, a list of options will appear.

8. Tap on the Remote tab, and you can see the Remote interface.

Tap on the Remote tab

9. Now, using the remote interface, select the following options one by one: Settings → System → Advanced system settings → Factory reset.

10. Your Roku will now return to its normal state and will be free from issues once you finish doing this process.

Process Involved Lately

After resetting your Roku using any of the above-mentioned methods, you need to do the following to access it like before.

  • Set up Roku
  • Sign in to your Roku account
  • Create a Roku PIN for Parental Control Settings
  • Broadcast channel scan if you have connected an HDMI antenna to Roku.


1. Where is Roku reset button?

On certain models of Roku TV, you can find the Reset button on the backside of your Roku device.

2. How to Reset Roku remote?

Unplug your Roku device from the power source and remove the batteries of your Roku remote. Then reconnect Roku to the power source and turn it on. Insert batteries into the remote again and press its pairing button to reset your Roku remote and pair it with Roku again.

3. How to reset the Roku PIN if forgotten?

If you forgot your Roku PIN visit the official Roku website and log in to your Roku account. Select the ‘PIN Preferences’ section and click on the ‘Update’ option. Now, enter a ‘new PIN’ under the ‘PIN settings menu’ and click ‘Save Changes’ to reset your Roku PIN.

4. How to clear the cache in Roku?

To clear cache files on a particular app, uninstall and install it. If you want to clear the cache on your Roku device completely, restart it or perform a factory reset.