Lynda is an online learning platform from Linkedin Corporation. This platform trains your creative skills, personal skills, and software. All the content on Lynda is of good quality and is taught by professionals and teachers. It has an updated library of contents that provides you best-in-class knowledge. Let’s learn more about Lynda on Roku.

Lynda on ROku

What’s on Lynda?

Lynda is supposed to have over four thousand courses expanding over a lakh of video classes. There are different categories of classes on Lynda, including 3D+ Animation, Audio+ Music, Business, CAD, Design, Developer, Education and Learning, IT, Marketing, Photography, Video, and Web. Furthermore, there are sub-categories and levels for courses.

Lynda on Roku

Lynda on Roku

Previously, we had a Lynda channel in the Roku Channel Store. However, we can’t access it anymore. At the same time, we can access Lynda using their official apps on iOS and Android devices. Let’s screen mirror these apps and get them on Roku. Initially, make these simple changes on Roku to make it ready for mirroring.

1. Turn on your device and connect to a strong Wi-Fi network.

2. On the home screen, choose the Settings option.

3. Next, select the System option on the menu.

4. Choose the Screen mirroring option and then the Screen Mirroring Mode option.

5. Finally, choose the Prompt option from the list.

From Android devices

We can download and Install the Lynda app on Android devices from the Play Store.

1. Firstly, connect your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network as Roku so that we can cast any app from the phone on Roku.

2. From the Google Play Store, Install the Lynda app on your phone. Further, Sign In to the app with proper credentials.

On Android

3. Now, close the app and then open the Settings application on your Android device.

4. Next, tap on the Bluetooth and Device Connection option from the Settings menu.

5. Click on the Connection Preferences option and then on the Cast option.

6. The device searches for available devices and shows them on screen. Select your Roku Player from the list of devices.

7. Next, on your TV screen, select the Allow option when prompted.

8. Finally, your connection is made. Now, open the Lynda app on your Android device and stream it on TV.

From iPhones

We have the Lynda app on the App Store and you can install it on your iPhone. Let’s start casting the Lynda app on Roku from the same.

1. Firstly, connect your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi as your Roku device.

2. From the App Store on your phone, Install the Lynda application.

on iPhone

3. Turn on the Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner of your screen.

4. Further, tap on the Screen Mirroring icon on your screen.

5. Now, a list of available devices shows up and you should choose your device.

6. Now, a code appears on your TV screen, and then you have to enter this code on your iPhone.

7. Finally, tap on the OK option on your phone screen. 

8. Open the Lynda app on the phone and stream its content on Roku.

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Subscription plans on Lynda

There a few Premium plans on Lynda for you. It includes:

  • Basic Monthly plan at $24.99
  • Basic Annual plan at $34.99
  • Premium Monthly plan at $34.99
  • Premium Annual plan at $29.99

Wrapping Up

The Lynda app is free to download and use. You can watch around 4000 videos on Lynda without a membership and subscription. Furthermore, you can subscribe to and get access to the remaining tutorials. Additionally, you can get a 10-day free trial. With a premium account, you can download exercise files as well.