Spotify is a music streaming application that allows you to access millions of songs. By using Spotify, you can listen to the latest trending songs from around the globe. Also, you can enjoy listening to Spotify music on your Roku as it is available for your device. In addition, you can access to Spotify app and listen to music for free. Now, let us see alternative ways you can use to add Spotify to Roku.

Features of Spotify

Here are the features of Spotify:

  • You can choose the preferred language for music.
  • Ad-free music for premium customers.
  • Listen to your favorite music on all the streaming devices.
  • You can make and share your favorite playlists.
  • Listen offline by downloading the songs on your devices.
  • Trending music at your fingertips.

Spotify Plans & Subscriptions

Subscribing to Spotify Premium is not mandatory. However, you can subscribe to Spotify’s premium subscription plan to remove ads while listening to music. Also, being a premium member lets you download any of your favorite music from Spotify Music’s library. And there are four subscription plans offered by Spotify. They are:

Individual – $9.99 per month – Only one user can access this premium account.

Duo – $12.99 per month – Two users can get the premium privilege with this subscription plan.

Family – $15.99 per month – Upto 6 users can access Spotify’s premium privilege with this subscription plan.

.Student – $4.99 per month – With this subscription plan, you can Spotify Music along with Hulu ad-supported plan and SHOWTIME.

To subscribe to Spotify Music, visit

How to Get Spotify on Roku Device or TV?

Spotify is available on Roku’s channel store, and hence, you can easily add it to your device. There are three different ways to add this on Roku:

  1. Add Spotify using Roku Device
  2. Add Spotify Using Web Browser
  3. Add Spotify using the Roku app

Method -1: Add Spotify to Roku Directly

As Spotify is available on the channel store, you can easily install it on your streaming device.

(1) On the homepage of Roku, click on the “Streaming Channels” option.

Select Streaming Channels

(2) Under “Streaming Channels,” ou will find different options, including Top Free, Just Added, New & Notable, Most Popular, and Search Channels. You can find the app on all options. To make it easier, click on the “Search Channels” option.

Select Search Channels

(3) Enter the key term “Spotify” and click “Spotify” from the suggestions.

(4) Click on the “+ Add Channel” button.

(5) Once the Spotify channel is added, choose the OK button from the Prompt.

(7) Next, hit the Go to Channel button to launch the Spotify app.

(8) Sign in or Sign up for Spotify.

(9) Now, you can choose and play any music you want.

Spotify on Roku

Method 2 – Add Spotify from a Web Browser

Using the official website of the Roku Channel Store, you can add the Spotify channel easily.

1. Launch a web browser on a smartphone and PC.

2. Next, input the official website of the Roku Channel Store: and visit it.

3. After that, click the Sign in button from the upper right corner.

4. Input your Roku account credentials and sign in to your account.

5. Click on the Search Channels box on the right side of your interface.

6. Enter Spotify and search for it.

7. Choose the Spotify Channel from the search result.

Choose the Spotify channel

8. Click on the Add Channel button from the channel description page.

Add Channel - Add Spotify to Roku

Method 3 – Add Spotify to Roku using the Roku App

Roku Inc has officially launched the Roku app in case your Roku remote is not working. The Roku app’s remote feature allows you to easily control your Roku without a remote.

1. Install the Roku app on your Android or iOS device from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

2. Once the Roku app is installed, launch it.

3. Make sure to connect your Android or iOS device and Roku to the same wifi network.

4. Next, sign in to your Roku account on the Roku app if required.

5. After that, tap on the Devices tab from the bottom.

Tap on Devices

6. Your Roku device will appear on the screen; select it to pair it with the Roku app.

7. Once your Roku device is paired with your Roku app, select the Channels tab below your Roku device.

Tap on Channels tab

8. Hit the Channel Store tab and search for the Spotify app.

Select Channel Store

9. Choose the Spotify app from the search result.

10. Tap on the Add button.

Add Spotify to Roku

Now, the Spotify app will be added to Roku.


If you are to follow Methods 2 and 3, it will take up to 24 hours for Spotify to add to your Roku. In case you can’t wait too long, you can update Roku for Spotify to immediately add to your Roku. After you update Roku, you can access Spotify with the steps below:

1. Go to the home screen of Roku by pressing the Home button on your remote.

2. Next, press the Right Arrow button on your Roku remote.

3. Navigate to Spotify using your remote and press the OK button to launch Spotify.

4. Sign in to your free or premium account.

Now, you can enjoy listening to Spotify music on Roku.

Alternatives to Spotify



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Spotify available on Roku?

Yes, Roku does have the Spotify on the Channel Store.

1. Why isn’t the Spotify not working on Roku?

In case if the Spotify is not working on Roku, it may be because of the internet connectivity issues.