Roku is one of the best streaming players available in the market. You can add various apps on Roku and start streaming your favorite content. There are plenty of compatible apps available in the market that you can download and stream. Unfortunately, Roku doesn’t have a native app for Instagram. If you want to stream IGTV videos or Instagram timeline, then you have to screen mirror it to your Roku device.

How to enable Screen Mirroring on Roku?

To screen mirror anything to Roku, you have to enable screen mirroring first. Follow the steps below to enable screen mirroring:

  • Go to Roku Home Screen
  • Scroll Down and select Settings
  • Select Screen Mirroring >> Screen Mirroring Mode
  • Choose Prompt or Always Allow

Note: Make sure both Roku and the Mirroring device are connected to the same WiFi.

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How to Screen Mirror Instagram to Roku From Android?

First Enable Screen Mirroring mode on Android.

Go to Android settings >> Connections and Sharing >> Cast >> Enable the toggle button.

Screen Mirror Instagram to Roku From Android

Step 1: Swipe from top to pull the notification tray and select the cast option from the Android screen.

Step 2: Select your Roku device name from the list.

Your device will start Mirroring. Now open the Instagram application and start streaming your video which you want to see on your Roku.

How to Screen Mirror Instagram to Roku From iOS?

If you are planning to screen the mirror from iOS, then you have to install an app called Streamer for Roku. Streamer for Roku app is available in the app store.

Step 1: Open Streamer for Roku app.

Step 2: Connect with the Roku device. [The app will ask you to install on the Roku device as well. Install the app on the Roku.]

Step 3: You will find the screen mirroring option. Click on it and screen your iOS display.

Open Instagram app and start streaming the video to see it on the Roku connected TV.

How to Screen Mirror Instagram to Roku from Windows?

Step 1: Open Chrome Browser and Login to your Account.

Step 2: Click on the notification icon in the bottom end of your task bar.

Step 3: Select the “Connect” option.

Step 4: List of devices connected to the same WiFi network that are ready to cast will appear. Choose the Roku device.

Step 5: Your Windows screen will appear on your Roku connected TV.

Open Instagram application and start seeing your timeline which will appear on the TV.

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The above are the three different ways to stream Instagram on Roku TV. As it is not a native app, you have to use the screen mirroring option only. Roku might allow the Instagram app in the future and you will able to install it directly but until then you have to use the mirroring option only.