Metropolitan Opera or Met Opera is not a general content streaming app. It is owned by the Metropolitan Opera and airs operas. It has around 700 on-demand opera performances and additionally plays Live operas as well. These operas are often sponsored by the Metropolitan Opera. The Met Opera app is free to download and shows you the titles. However, you need to get a subscription to watch them. Get a free seven-day trial with Met Opera on Roku.

Met opera

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Met Opera on Roku

Watch Met Opera on Roku with their official app on the Channel Store.

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote and launch the home page.

2. Select the Streaming Channel option that you can see on the sidebar on your screen.

3. Select the  Search option you see on the screen.

4. Using the virtual keyboard on your screen, type Met Opera.

5. Select the same and then the  Add Channel button.

6. After the downloading completes, click on OK.

7. Next, open the Met Opera Channel on Roku.

8. Login with email and password.


Now, you can see the Met Opera home page to play and enjoy the different contents.

What’s on Met Opera?

The only streaming service on Met Opera includes Opera. You get to watch Opera both Live and as VOD on Met Opera. All of these videos are of full HD resolution with a paid subscription. Also, these videos have subtitles in some languages, including English. The contents on the Met Opera app are updated every month without fail.

Met Opera

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Subscription plans on Met Opera

Met Opera lets you access its contents free for a week. However, you need a subscription after the free trial period ends. There are 3 different plans on Met opera that you can subscribe to.

#1 Monthly Subscription

It costs you $ 14.99 per month

#2 Member Annual Subscription

It costs you $99.99 per year

#3 Annual Subscription

It costs you $149.99 per year.

Wrapping Up

Met Opera is the right app for all Opera lovers. You can enjoy watching Opera at home. Apart from Roku, it is supported on other devices as well. Apart from Operas on-demand, you can enjoy operas at home with tickets. On Roku, Met Opera has an app for download with a free trial for a week. Now download and Install Met Opera on Roku.