National Aeronautics and Space Administration Television, commonly known as NASA TV, is an aerospace-related channel available to watch 24×7 for free worldwide. It was founded in 1980 and expanded to all the networks and operating systems in future updates. The NASA channel was launched in the official Roku store in 2018 after few years of development. Most of the shows bring educational content, and it will be beneficial if your child or kid loves to become an astronaut or space engineer.

NASA runs it, an American government-operated company. They launched multiple satellites into space and telecasts the stream live on NASA TV and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and more places 100% free.

Special Features of NASA TV

  • Watch live TV channel along with 14000+ pre-recorded videos.
  • Also, stream High Definition Earth Viewing experiment directly from the International space station.
  • Using Explore tab, discover 3D planet models and their information.
  • Has Third Rock Radio built-in for streaming purposes only.
  • Mark any shows and contents as your favorite and easily access them in the future with a dedicated tab for your favorites.

How to Install NASA Channel on Roku?

1. Switch on your TV and Roku device at same time.

2. Press Home button on remote and click Streaming channels in the left menu.

NASA on Roku

3. In the next screen, tap Search channels to open the search screen.

tap search channels

4. With the help of Roku remote, type NASA and then click OK.

search for NASA app on Roku

5. Select the NASA channel from list of apps and tap Add channel button.

add NASA Channel on Roku

6. After installation process, click Go to channel to open the app.

click Go to channel button

7. No registration or activation is required. You can start streaming instantly after launching the app on your Roku TV.

Watch NASA on Roku

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To Conclude

Hoping that the article has helped you easily install NASA for Roku TV. With this, you may not only stream live TV but also videos seamlessly. So make use of this free channel so you can watch the space station and new rocket launches in real-time on your big screen TV with the help of the Roku device.