Nickelodeon is a popular kid’s channel with a lot of interesting shows for kids. Nick at Nite or nick@nite is a block of the show on the Nickelodeon channel. As the name suggests, it refers to the night block of the Nickelodeon. However, this programming block of Nick is not for kids. It rather aims at matured audiences. Nick at Nite is not advertised along with Nickelodeon and is considered to be a separate block. The Nick at Nite schedule is different for different days of the week. Let’s look at the ways to access Nick at Nite on Roku.

Nick at Nite on Roku

What’s on Nick at Nite?

Nick at Nite itself isn’t a channel like Nickelodeon. It is just a program block of the Nickelodeon Channel. It mainly aims at adult and older youth audiences and not kids. The content streams at different time schedules around the week. It starts at 9 P.M. on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. However, it starts at 10 P.M. on Thursdays and 8 P.M. on Saturdays. Nick at Nite shows includes Bewitched, Three’s Company, Hi-Jinks, and Instant Mom.

Nick at Nite on Roku

How to get Nick at Nite on Roku?

Since Nick at Nite is a part of the Nickelodeon channel, we just need to add Nickelodeon. Follow these steps and get Nickelodeon on Roku.

1. Turn on your TV and connect your Roku device through the HDMI port.

2. Select the Streaming Channels option from the sidebar on your screen.

3. Further, navigate to and select the Search Channels option.

4. Search for your Nickelodeon channel.

5. Choose the Nickelodeon channel from the search results.

6. Finally, press the OK button as the download finishes.

Activation of Nickelodeon on Roku

Follow these simple steps and activate Nickelodeon on Roku.

1. The Nickelodeon channel will now be on your home screen. Launch the Nickelodeon channel on Roku.

2. Select the Settings option on the home page of Nickelodeon.

3. Next, choose the TV Provider option and generate an Activation code.

4. Next, visit from any web browser.

5. Enter the activation code on the page to activate your account.

6. Finally, select your TV provider from the list and Log In with credentials.

Alternative ways to get Nick at Nite on Roku

Nickelodeon is also available on different service providers. add these on Roku and get nickelodeon.


AT&T TV is a popular streaming service with multiple channels under five plans. These attractive plans have different channels and prices. You can stream nickelodeon on AT&T TV. Also, get access to channels like BTN, CMT, Comedy Central, and BBC America.

Nick at Nite on Roku


fuboTV is a popular streaming service, especially among sports lovers. It has all of your favorite entertainment channels as well. Also, find Nickelodeon on fuboTV. Further, stream channels like Animal Planet, MTV Classic, FOX, FS1, and FS2 on fuboTV.


Philo is one of the best Live TV options. It is the cheapest streaming service at just $25. It streams 60 channels including Nickelodeon. Additionally, watch channels like Animal Planet, AXS TV, BBC America, and Nick Jr. on Philo.


Vidgo is a cool streaming service with your favorite channels. It brings you entertainment and sports channels at $55 per month. This includes Nickelodeon, where you can stream Nick at Nite.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the finest live TV options on Roku. You can stream multiple channels on YouTube TV. This includes Nickelodeon and many other similar channels. Other YouTube TV channels include MSNBC, Travel Channel, HGTV, AMC, and MSNBC.

Wrapping Up

Nickelodeon has shows for kids and young adults. With any of the above TV providers, you can stream Nickelodeon live. If you need the shows on-demand, then add the Nickelodeon TV app. You can use the Login details of these providers to get its content. Either way, you choose, stream Nick at Nite on Roku with Nickelodeon.