Now the OutTV brings its official app for Roku devices! OutTV is a Canadian-made app dedicated to broadcast LGBTQ+ TV shows. It is the world’s first LGBTQ+ network. It works on empowering reality shows, tv series, and movies that especially portray trans and gender real life. All the content presented in this channel will be story-driven, beautiful factual, and motivational. Last year, this channel was categorized as the number one specialty channel on the digital cable, which broadcasts general entertainment and lifestyle programming for LGBT audiences. With OutTV on Roku, you can connect to the world of underrepresented and undiscovered groundbreaking content that presents the true reflection of queer culture. Keep reading this article fully to learn some easy ways and step-by-step procedures to stream OutTV on Roku.

outtv on roku

How to add OutTV on Roku via Roku Channel Store?

1. Connect Roku to the HDMI port of the TV and turn it on.

2. Navigate to the home screen by click-on the Home button on your Roku device.

Home button

3. Choose Streaming Channels from the Home Screen.

Streaming Channels option

4. Search the OutTV channel to add using the featured option, via the genre option, or by using the search channels option.

outtv on roku

5. Once you find the OutTV channel, select it.

6. Choose Add channel and tap-on Ok in the confirmation message.

7. That’s it now. You can start using the OutTV app. Once you log in to the app, you can see a variety of different movies and shows in its home page. When you scroll down the home page, you can see sections for ‘What’s New,’ ‘Recently Added,’ ‘Popular Now,’ ‘TV Series,’ ‘Short Form,’ and ‘Podcasts.’

outtv on roku

Quick Tip 1: You can also add the channel via Roku mobile app. To do so, head to the Roku app on your mobile and go to Devices > Channels > Channel store, search for the OutTV app, and click on the Add button on the OutTV apps page. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to locate the OutTV channel on your Roku device. If you can’t find it, update your Roku device once and search for the app again.

Quick Tip 2: To add OutTV on Roku via the website, go to the webpage and log in using your Roku account. Navigate to the OutTV channel app page by using the Search channels option. Then click on the +Add Channel button on the OutTV app page. Then find the OutTV channel on your Roku devices’ channel section. If you cannot locate the app, try to update your Roku device once and then search for OutTV on your Roku device.

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That’s all about OutTv for Roku. We hope this article found so interesting for you. Some of the special content you could find in this app are Shine True, Krow’s TRANSformation, Pride (Season 1 and 2), Pride on the Tundra, Mixed Up, The Fruit Machine, Sherry Vine Variety Show, and The Tranz form. If you value great LGBTQ+ content, then OutTV on Roku would be the apt choice. Still, if you’ve any queries regarding the above method procedure to add OutTV, mention it in the comment section below.