The Ovation TV channel is an American Television channel that premiered in 1996. After 10 years of development, it is made available to all US households nationwide. After running successfully for 2-3 years, they increased the streaming quality to HD resolution. If you have an HD TV, then it plays on High Definition. They have launched a mobile app Ovation NOW and it is available on Android, iOS, Roku and other similar smartphones and media streaming devices. If you are a Roku user, then here are the ways to stream Ovation Now on Roku.

Inside this app, you can watch full episodes of popular shows like Actors Studio, The Librarians, etc. You can log in with your TV provider and continue playing your favorite series as well. It is the only US channel focussed only on arts and entertainment with award-winning iconic movies and Arts-and-culture related special shows.

How to Install Ovation NOW on Roku?

1. Connect and turn on the Roku device.

2. Press home button on remote to go to home screen.

3. In the left menu, click Streaming channels.

Ovation NOW on Roku

4. Under streaming channels screen, tap on the Search channels option.

click search channels

5. Type Ovation NOW in the search box and press OK.

type Ovation NOW on Roku search screen

6. In the list of apps, select the Ovation NOW channel.

7. Click Add channel in the right pane to install the channel on your TV.

tap add channel - Ovation NOW on Roku

8. Tap Go to channel button to launch the channel.

go to channel button

9. Activate the channel and watch your favourite arts shows in HD.

watch Ovation NOW on Roku

How to Activate Ovation NOW?

1. First launch the Ovation NOW channel on your TV.

2. Click Activate Now button in the main screen.

3. Note down the activation code displayed.

4. Go to in your mobile or PC browser.

5. Select the TV provider as Roku from the dropdown box.

activate Ovation NOW

6. Enter the activation code and click Continue button.

7. Now your Ovation NOW channel will be activated successfully.

How do I get Ovation NOW on Roku?

Ovation NOW has become popular over time, and you can get Ovation NOW directly from the Roku channel store itself. After installing the app, you have to activate the channel to stream the content on the TV.

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Wrapping Up

In this way, you can get Ovation NOW channel on Roku. Ovation NOW is the only way to watch Ovation TV on Roku and other smart devices. It is free to install, but you must have active cable TV user credentials to activate this channel. Log in with the service provider and start streaming your favorites on the TV.