Paramount Plus or Paramount + is the rebranded version of CBS All Access. Paramount Plus is a subscription-based service where users can get access to thousands of movies, TV shows, and live TV channels related to CBS. Some of the super-hit TV shows, like Yellowstone, Rabbithole, etc., are available on Paramount Plus. In addition to this, users can also watch live Sports like Football, Soccer, etc. Luckily, Paramount Plus is available on the Roku Channel Store. So, direct installation of the channel on Roku is made simple.

How Much is Paramount Plus on Roku?

Paramount Plus offers two kinds of plans. They are Paramount+ Essential and Paramount+ Showtime. The details of their cost are mentioned below.

  • Paramount+ Essential: $5.99/month; $59.99/year.
  • Paramount+ Showtime: $11.99/month; $119.99/year.

NOTE: Paramount+ provides a 7-day free trial on all its plans.

What’s on Paramount Plus?

  • Get access to famous Paramount Plus TV shows, like Young Sheldon, Key & Peele, Star Trek series, CSI, etc.
  • Users can watch sports tournaments like UEFA Champions League, NFL, and more.
  • Gives access to local live CBS station and 24/7 live CBS News.
  • Offers thousands of hit and trending movies to watch.

How to Sign Up for Paramount Plus

1. Visit the Paramount Plus website on a web browser.

2. Click on Try It Free provided on its home screen.

Click Try it Free to get Paramount Plus on Roku

3. Now, choose a plan of your choice and click on Select Plan.

Choose a Plan

4. You are now required to enter your Name, E-mail address, Zip Code, Password, etc, and click on Continue.

5. Now, the payments section opens up. Users can pay with either a Credit/Debit card or PayPal.

6. After entering the payment details, your account gets created.

7. You can use the registered e-mail address and password to sign in to your account.

How to Get Paramount Plus on Roku

1. Turn on your Roku device and connect it to the internet.

2. On its home screen, scroll down and click on Streaming Channels.

Click on Streaming Channels on Roku

3. In that, select Search Channels.

Click on the Search Channels option and search for Paramount Plus app

4. Then, type in Paramount Plus in the search tab and search for it.

5. On its app page, click on Add Channel and download it.

6. After it gets, click on Go to Channel to download the channel.

Alternate Way to Get Paramount Plus on Roku

You can also download the Paramount Plus app from the Roku Channel Store website. To do this,

1. On a browser, visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

2. Click the Sign in option and log in to your Roku account.

Sign in to your Roku account

3. After signing in, enter Paramount Plus in the Search channels box and search for it.

4. Now, the app gets suggested. Click on Details and go to its app page.

5. Click on + Add channel.

Click on + Add channel and download the app on your Roku device

6. After this, the app will get automatically added to your Roku device within 24 hrs.

7. You can add the channel immediately upon updating Roku OS/Firmware.

How to Activate Paramount Plus on Roku

Users can watch Paramount Plus on Roku by either signing in to their account directly using Paramount + credentials or by activating it on their Roku device.

1. Launch the Paramount Plus app installed on your Roku device.

2. Click on the Sign In option.

3. Now, select either On my TV or On the Web option.

Choose a method of login on Paramount Plus app

4. If you have chosen On my TV, then you are required to just enter your Paramount Plus credentials and click on Sign In to get into your account directly.

5. But, if you have chosen On the Web, then a website ( along with an activation code gets displayed on your Roku-connected TV.

  • Open the website on a browser and sign in to your Paramount + account.
  • After this, enter the activation code in the required field and click on Activate.
Enter the activation code on your Roku device

6. Now, the Paramount + account on your Roku will get activated. The Paramount Plus app on Roku refreshes and takes you into your account.

7. Now, you can start watching your favorite movies and TV shows on your Roku.

How to Screen Mirror Paramount Plus on Roku

The Paramount Plus app is available for download on your Android & iPhone. So you can screen mirror both apps from both devices on Roku.

Before doing Screen Mirroring, you need to,

  • Enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku device.
  • Connect your Roku & Android/iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Install the Paramount Plus app on the respective Android & iPhone devices.

Screen Mirror Paramount Plus on Roku from Android Device

1. Now, turn on your Android device and connect it to the internet.

2. Go to its Google Play Store and search for Paramount Plus.

3. Click on Install and download the app on your Android device from the Play Store.

4. Now, sign in to your Paramount Plus account.

5. After this, slide down the Notification Panel and click on the Cast icon.

Click on the Cast option on your Android device

6. In that, a list of devices gets displayed. Choose your Roku device and connect to it.

7. After a successful connection, get back to the Paramount Plus app and sign in to your account.

8. Now, you can start streaming your favorite movies & TV shows simultaneously on your Android device as well as on Roku.

Screen Mirror Paramount Plus on Roku from iPhone

1. After installation, launch the Paramount Plus app on your iPhone.

2. Go to its Control Center and click on Screen Mirroring.

Click on Screen Mirroring on iPhone

3. In the list of devices, click on Roku and connect to it.

4. After a successful connection, launch the Paramount Plus app and sign in to your respective account.

5. Now, you can simultaneously stream your favorite movies and TV shows on your Roku device & iPhone.


1. What is the cost of the Paramount+ Showtime bundle on Roku?

Paramount+ Showtime bundle costs $11.99/month and 119.99/year on Roku.

2. How to cancel my Paramount Plus subscription on Roku TV?

To cancel your Paramount Plus subscription, highlight the Paramount Plus app → Press the asterisk (*) button → Click Manage subscription in the pop-up → Click Cancel subscription.

3. Why does the Paramount Plus app keep crashing on my Roku?

The app crashes on your Roku due to lots of internet and technical reasons. To resolve it, try measures like restarting your Roku device, Updating the App, Uninstalling and Reinstalling the app, or Updating your Roku OS to its latest version. By doing this, you can solve the issue.

4. How to fix the Paramount Plus Black Screen/Freezing issue on Roku?

Paramount Plus Black Screen/Freezing/Not loading issues can be fixed by checking your internet connection or restarting/updating the app, or contacting Roku customer support through their website.