The Roku remote is the key to navigating through your Philips Roku TV. If the Roku remote stops working, using the Roku TV will become difficult, or so we thought. But you can set up Philips Roku TV Remote App as an alternative. You will be able to navigate through your Roku TV with your smartphone itself. The app also comes with additional functions and provides almost all the existing features you get exclusively on the Roku remote.

How to Set Up Philips Roku TV Remote App: Roku Remote App

Roku TV remote app is the official remote app released by Roku. Additionally, the Roku remote also allows you to use features like Roku Private Listening and launch applications on your TV Like Netflix, Apple TV, etc.

How to Set up Philips Roku TV Remote App: Roku Remote App

Roku TV remote app is supported on both Android and iOS devices. Download and install the application beforehand if you want to set it up. Follow the steps mentioned below to complete the setting up Roku TV Remote app.

[1] Connect both Philips Roku TV and your phone to the same Wifi network.

[2] Launch the Roku mobile app and tap on Continue to accept Terms and Conditions.

[3] Select Devices in the bottom right corner.

[4] Press OK to allow searching for Roku Devices.

[5] Select your Roku TV from the list.

[6] Click on Remote below your Philips Roku TV.

Now you will be able to use Roku TV with the help of the Remote app. Also, you can select the Swipe feature to control the TV using gestures instead of buttons.

Alternative to Philips Roku TV Remote App

Philips TV Remote App is the official application provided by Philips. Although it cannot take complete advantage of Roku TV features. This application is complete on its own terms. The application is available for your Android Smartphone which you can install from the Google Play Store. Some of the features of this application are listed below.

  • You can navigate through channels and control volume with this application.
  • Launch various apps installed on the TV.
  • Switch between Apps.
  • Use the in-app keyboard to enter texts, emails, and passwords on your TV.
  • Share photos and videos between the TV and the application.


1. Will a universal remote work on a Philips TV?

A universal remote can be used to operate your Philips TV and is compatible with Comcast, DirecTV, Charter, and more.

2. Can I use my phone as a TV remote without wifi?

Check to see if your phone has an IR blaster built-in. Purchase an external IR blaster just in case. On your Android or iOS device, download one of the many IR-compatible TV remote apps. Set up the network settings as you choose.

3. Is Philips Roku TV Remote App free?

Yes, Philips Roku TV remote app is free to use.