This generation has come up with several innovative televisions and devices. Two such devices are the Smart TV and Roku TV. Each of them has its own features and specialties. However, both the devices allow you to download apps on your device. Roku operates on a Roku OS built-in system and allows HD streaming. And Smart TV operates on Android-based OS. It is always important to choose the best-suited device between the two options. In this article, we have compared various features of Smart TV Vs Roku TV.

Comparing the Smart TV and Roku TV Features

In the section below, we have compared the features between Smart TV and Roku.

Screen Mirroring and Casting

Screen mirroring is one of the best features that a smart TV must possess. It allows the users to operate an app on their TV using their mobile phones. Smart TVs use Chromecast for screen mirroring. On the other hand, even you can use screen mirroring on Roku. Moreover, you can screen mirror your iOS smartphone directly by using the AirPlay on Roku. Even you can stream high-quality content in 4K quality; therefore, by screen mirroring, you can enhance your visual experience.

screen mirroring

OS Updates

It is quite a hectic process to update OS on your Smart TV device. By updating your OS, you can experience the proper functioning of the TV without any lag. Similarly, Roku also has regular OS updates that enhance the performance of the TV. Unfortunately, not all devices release frequent OS updates like the Roku device. In some cases, if you fail to update your Roku OS, then it leads to the malfunctioning of your device.

Smart TV vs Roku - Update

Operating System

The Roku TV operates on a Roku operating system which is absolutely a user-friendly interface, whereas Smart TVs use a different operating system. Most smart TVs use Android OS. For example, LG TV operates on WebOS, and on the other hand, Samsung TV operates on Tizen OS. Since when it comes to Smart TV Vs Roku, Android TVs are the most affordable, it’s the best option if you’re looking forward to something budget-friendly, and Roku is the best option for high-end models with upgraded features.

Operating System - Smart TV vs Roku

What Screen Resolution Does the Smart TV Offer?

Depending on the Smart TV you are purchasing, you can get up to 4k resolution. The only difference in the high resolution is that you will get a clear picture quality. With the lower smart Tv resolution, you may not get a clearer picture quality. So, purchase some of the best smart TV brands like Samsung, Sony, etc.

Do I Need an Internet Connection to Access Roku?

Sometimes, there may be internet connectivity issues on Roku. Due to that, you may think that you can’t access your Roku device-connected TV. However, limited content is still accessible on your Roku TV without an internet connection. So, to get complete access to the Roku TV content, fix the internet connectivity issue on Roku.

Common FAQ’s

[1] Do I need Roku if already have a Smart TV?

If you own a high-end model of a smart TV with all specifications and features, then there is no need for a Roku TV at that time. On the other hand, if you use a lower-end model of smart TV with very few specifications, and if you’re looking forward to replacing it, then Roku TV is the best option you can go for.

[2] Is it better to buy a Roku or a Smart TV?

When compared to Smart TV, it is better to go for Roku TV since it has more upgraded features with a user-friendly interface where you can easily navigate to the menu.

[3] Do Smart TVs have Roku built-in?

Some TVs have a Fire TV OS and Roku OS. However, most of them don’t have. Therefore, check if your TV has Roku in-built. If you have Roku on your Smart TV, then you can utilize it for the features that do not exist in your Smart TV.