Roku is a cost-efficient media player to choose if you like to transform your smart TV into an ultimate entertainment hub. It is due to a large number of streaming channel support Roku offering its users. Apart from official channels, Roku users can stream contents from third-party providers as well. For instance, Popcorn Time is one such streaming service and the article will deal about Popcorn Time on Roku in brief. With Popcorn Time, you can start streaming your most favourite movies, TV shows, and more other contents. It will bring the best torrents from the web and you can stream them instantly online.

Can I Stream Popcorn Time on Roku?

Yes. Popcorn Time is available for different platforms. However, you need to use an Android or Windows device to watch it on Roku TV. With this, you can start watching Popcorn Time contents on Roku any time.

Features of Popcorn Time

The most impressive features of Popcorn Time are as follows.

  • With Popcorn Time, you can watch movies or shows for an unlimited time.
  • The database of this streaming service will be updated on a regular basis.
  • It will bring the best version of any movies or TV shows from the web.
  • You can also stream almost any contents in HD quality with subtitle support.

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How to Install Popcorn Time on Roku?

Installing Popcorn Time on Roku isn’t easy as it isn’t available as an official version available on Roku Store. However, we have covered the possible ways in which you can still watch Popcorn Time contents on the TV.

How to Access Popcorn Time Roku Channel using Plex?

If you have Plex media player on Roku as well as Windows PC, then it is possible to access Popcorn Time app on Roku.

#1. First of all, you should launch Popcorn Time on PC.

#2. Click on Channels section after the setup process.

#3. Search for Popcorn Time and download it from its official web page.

Popcorn Time on Roku

#4. Meanwhile, open Plex channel on Roku from Channel store section.

#5. Provide the same login credentials as PC on Roku.

#6. With this, you can access Popcorn Time using Plex on the streaming device.

How to Stream Popcorn Time on Roku using PC (Windows or Mac)?

It is possible to stream Popcorn Time on Roku if your PC has Popcorn Time and is connected to the same WiFi as that of Roku.

#1. Initially, you should download and install Popcorn Time on PC.

#2. To get the Easy Display Switcher menu on Windows PC, users need to press Windows Key + P. Similarly, Mac users need to press Command Key + P.

#3. On the next screen, you need to select the Roku device.

#4. A prompt message will appear on Roku. Just click on Accept to mirror your PC to Roku screen.

Popcorn Time on Roku
Click Accept button

#5. Finally, click to play any video on Popcorn Time PC and the same will be cast to Roku connected smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Popcorn Time legal?

It is based on the contents you are streaming. Because Popcorn Time has torrents contents it may not be legal all the time.

Is there a way possible to protect myself form torrenting?

Yes. Having a VPN on your device will secure you from any legal problems. i.e., a VPN will encrypt your identity and location. So, you can stream anything without showing your identity.

Why can’t I stream some episodes?

You may find some shows and episodes to be missing due to the video and audio codec limitations.

What are the best Popcorn Time alternatives?

If you don’t want to stream Popcorn Time over screen mirroring, then choose any alternatives. For instance, you can install Hulu, Netflix, Plex, Pluto TV, etc.

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To Sum Up

Although there is no support for Popcorn Time for Roku, the article has let you know the ways to stream its contents using different ways. You can, therefore, stream all your favourites anytime anywhere at free of cost.

Keep supporting us! If in case you are getting any issues while streaming Popcorn Time, then share it us as comments. Also, visit for more useful Roku related information.