Roku is one of the most engrossing streaming devices you can access today. This streaming device gives you access to all popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and Disney Plus. To control the device and add apps to it, we have the efficiently designed Roku remote that comes with it. However, the Roku remote shows up certain issues at rare times. One of the most serious issues with the Roku remote is that it drains out the batteries very frequently. Have you ever come across this issue on your Roku? If so, the following section will provide you with useful troubleshooting tips.

How Long Should Batteries Last in a Roku Remote?

It is considered that the Roku remote batteries last as long as two months. However, you might feel like the batteries drain out within just weeks. If so, the following troubleshooting tips will help you out.

Roku Remote Drains Batteries

Why do the Roku Remote Drains Batteries?

One or more of the following reasons might be draining off your Roku remote frequently.

1. Using poor-quality batteries on your Roku remote.

2. Using your remote for prolonged periods of time continuously.

3. Making use of the USB Port to power up the device.

4. Making use of the voice feature for a long time.

5. The keys on the Roku remote are locked up in a pressed position.

Roku Remote Drains Batteries: Troubleshooting tips

Try these troubleshooting tips if you feel like your Roku remote is running out of batteries now and then.

Using a Poor Quality Remote

You might not know that you are using a poor-quality remote, but you might be using one. It is reported that a few customers have been provided with damaged or faulty remotes. So, try using a new Roku remote or opt to use the Roku app if you don’t spend much time on your TV.

How long should batteries last?

Try powering up your Roku Device with the help of a Wall Outlet

If you have been using the USB port to power up your Roku device, it might be the reason for your Roku remote draining off the batteries. The Roku device will get the necessary electricity to fully charge if you use a wall outlet. At the same time, using the USB Port limits the time provided for charging the device.

Roku device

Factory Reset of Remote

Factory Reset of the Roku Remote is a very simple procedure. All that you need to do is press and hold the RESET button on your remote for a few seconds. You can find this button just near the battery case. Soon, the pairing light will start blinking so that the device resets and pairs. Also, note that once you reset the remote, all the personalized settings will be lost.  

Limiting the Use of the Voice Feature

The Voice features help you connect earphones to your device instead of speakers. However, if you use the voice feature, it demands high consumption requirements. So, if you would like to preserve your remote battery, limit the usage of the voice feature. Also, switch off the audio guide under Accessibility of Settings.

Roku remote

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Contact Roku Support

If none of these could help you out, you need to contact Roku Support. They might give you a replacement for your Roku remote. With that, you have a few different methods to prevent the issue when Roku remote drains batteries. Comment your queries down here and visit our blog for more updates.