How frustrating is it when the Roku screen suddenly blacks out completely when you are streaming a movie? However, these issues have pre-defined fixes we can use at the time of issue. This issue can be due to many factors, so we might have to follow the troubleshooting methods to identify the cause, as it would help prevent them from happening anytime in the future.

Why does Roku Black Screen Appear?

Roku black screen is said to be quite common, but the cause can be due to multiple reasons. The primary reason for this issue could be loose cables or selecting the wrong input source on your TV. It can also be due to a damaged or improper connection from the Roku device.

Methods to Fix Roku Black Screen

We might not be able to identify the issue just by looking at it. So, we will have to proceed with the troubleshooting methods in no particular order to identify when the issue exists. Below listed are the reliable troubleshooting process that we can try out,

  • Factory Reset Roku device
  • Checking for Loose Wire Connection
  • Checking the Damaged Wires
  • Clear the Roku Cache
  • Power Cycle the Roku Device
  • Increase the Resolution Settings
  • Swap HDMI Port
  • Customer Service Support

Solution 1: Factory Reset Roku Device

1. Resetting your Roku device can help you fix glitches that would cause the black screen issue.

2. Press the Home button on the remote, then go to the Settings tab.

settings option to fix Roku black screen

3. From the menu, select System Settings and then Advance System Settings.

system option

4. Then, move to the Factory reset option.

factory reset option

After this process, checks whether the Roku black screen issue is fixed.

Solution 2: Checking for Loose Wire Connection

The primary thing you need to check when you experience the Roku black screen issue is to check the HDMI cable that is connected to the TV. Next, check on the wires that correspond to the Roku device. There are instances when the HDMI cord or the power cables can loosen up or slip from being plugged in properly. So, as you check on the cable, ensure to connect the loose cables appropriately. When you are done with checking the connections, try turning the device on to check if the issue is fixed.

Solution 3: Checking the Damaged Wires

Connecting the Roku device and TV using a damaged wire can cause the black screen issue. So, if you feel the issue is because of the wires, try using the wires on different devices. If the issue is still the same on the other device, try replacing the connecting wires and see if the black screen issue is fixed.

Solution 4: Clear the Roku Cache

Clearing the Roku devices cache is otherwise called a soft reset. Here is how to do it,

1. Press the Home button 5 times.

2. Press the up arrow once.

3. Then, click on the Rewind button 2 times.

4. Now, press the fast-forward button.

Your system resets after this process, and the device cache will be cleared. Now, check if the Roku device is working fine.

Solution 5: Power Cycle the Roku Device

Power cycling the Roku device helps in fixing the black screen. This is the simple method,

1. First, turn off your devices and Plug out all the connections from the power connection.

Plug out

2. Wait for a few minutes and Re-plug it into the power socket.

3. Then, turn on your devices and check if the device is working fine now.

You can also power cycle by pressing the power button on your TV for 10-15 seconds, ensuring that your device is powered off. After a few minutes, plug in the TV back.

Solution 6: Increase the Resolution Settings

Follow the below method if you can hear the audio but with the full black screen.

1. From the Home screen, tap on the Left button on your remote and click on the Settings option.

move to  settings from the home page

2. Locate and select the Display Type option.

select display type to fix Roku black screen

3. Then, you will get to see various resolution types.

4. Usually, it will be in the Auto Detect option, but if it detects an inappropriate resolution, it can cause a black screen issue.

move to auto detect display

5. Change them into an auto resolution to the higher option in the list and check if the issue is resolved.

select the high resolution to fix the Roku black screen.

Solution 7: Swap HDMI Port

A damaged HDMI cable would be the common cause of the black screen issue. So, in that case, you will have to replace the HDMI cable with a new one. If you have a spare HDMI cable, change it immediately; if not, buy a new one and swap the old one. After plugging in the new HDMI cable, the issues must settle if the problem is with the HDMI cable. While fixing, ensure you are plugging into the correct HDMI port.

Solution 8: Customer Service Support

If the issue continues, you can contact customer service support, and they’ll help you solve the problem or provide a new one based on your warranty. This will help you to fix Roku’s black screen.