Tasty TV is the largest Food channel in the world. Initially, it was started as a YouTube channel. They uploaded awesome recipes for their users. Many people have tried out and subscribed to their YouTube channel. As of 2021, they had 20 million+ subscribers and 1 million+ regular daily watchers around the world. Every device with a web browser or YouTube app can watch Tasty TV. Tasty TV launched a dedicated channel on the Roku channel store. If you are a Roku user, you can install the Tasty TV directly on your device.

The installation process is explained clearly in the below tutorial. You can follow these instructions and enjoy Tasty TV on your Roku. Tasty TV has two main categories, one is Recipes, and the other is Tips & Tricks. All the video comes with a step-by-step written tutorial for easy understanding, and it is free to watch without even registering on the website.

Popular Categories on Tasty TV

Some of the Popular and Trending Tasty TV Categories are as follows

  1. Easy Dinners
  2. One-Pot Recipes
  3. 5 Ingredients
  4. Summer Cooking
  5. BBQ Season
  6. Pride Month
  7. Budget Meals
  8. Tips & Hacks
  9. Meal Prep
  10. Pet Treats

How to Install Tasty TV on Roku?

Follow the steps below to install the Tasty TV app on your device:

1. Connect the Roku device on your TV and turn it on.

2. Press the Home button on Roku remote to go to the home screen.

3. On the home menu, select the Streaming channels option.

Tasty TV on Roku

4. In the Streaming channels screen, scroll down and tap Search channels.

tap Streaming channels

5. In the search box, type Tasty TV and press the OK button.

search for Tasty TV channel on Roku

6. Now select the Tasty TV app and then click Add channel button in the next step.

tap Add channel button

7. The app will be downloaded and installed automatically. After that, tap on the Go to channel button.

Tasty TV on Roku

8. Watch your favorite cooking recipes, tips, and tricks on your TV.

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To Conclude

If you’re a Roku TV user and looking for a free cooking channel, then you can close your eyes and go for Tasty TV. It is 100% free with hundreds of premium recipes for breakfast, dinner, and all occasions. Under the Tips & Tricks section, you can find valuable tips to make your cooking faster and avoid some of your regular habits. If you want a manual book, you can also purchase it from their website for $15 or a Kindle e-book for just $10. If you have your unique recipe, you can also submit it on their site, and if it gets approved by the specialists, it will be live on the entire Tasty TV platform.