USA Network is one of the most important American cable channels from NBC Universal Television that streams nationwide in the US. Furthermore, you can watch USA Network in Canada and South America. It airs entertainment and sports channels. Moreover, it supports languages including English and Spanish, and the picture quality of 1080p HDTV. The USA Network has its channel in the Roku Channel Store, and you can watch it on other service providers. Now, let’s discover how you can get the services of the USA Network on Roku.

USA Network on Roku

Is the USA Network Available on Roku?

Yes, the USA Network is available on Roku. And you only need to go to the Roku Channel Store to get the channels added. Also, you can add the USA Network to Roku from the web. To get a detailed procedure for adding the USA Network to Roku, you can read the article below.

How to Add USA Network on Roku

The USA Network has its channel available on the Roku Channel Store, and you can download it. However, before downloading the channel, make sure you have these things ready.

  • HDTV connected with Roku device
  • A strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Your Roku remote or mobile app
  • A Roku account

Now let’s get started

1. Firstly, using the Home button on your remote, go to the Roku’s Home.

2. Navigate to the Streaming Channels section on the sidebar on your screen.

Select Streaming Channels

3. Here, go to the Search Channels option and search for your USA Network channel.

Enter USA Network to stream USA Network on Roku

4. From the search results, choose the USA Network app.

5. Here, choose the Add Channel option to get USA Network on the Roku device.

6. Finally, Click Ok on the pop-up.

After you add the USA Network, you have to activate the channel in order to stream the content.

How to Activate USA Network on Roku

We need to activate USA Network before using it on Roku.

1. Launch the USA Network app. You will find the activation code on your TV. Note the activation code down.

2. From a browser, visit

Select Continue

3. Enter the code from your TV and select Continue.

4. Choose your TV provider and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup process.

5. After that, you can close the USA Network channel and relaunch it to watch your favorites.

USA Network

Alternate Method to Add USA Network on Roku

With the steps below, you can add the USA Network to your streaming device directly from the web.

1. Visit the official website of the Roku Channel Store.

2. Click on Sign in on the top right corner of the screen and enter your Roku Email and Password.

3. Select Submit. Once the verification is done, click on the Search channels and enter USA Network.

4. Choose the app from the search results.

Select USA Network

5. Click on Add Channel to add the Network on Roku.

Select Add Channel

Note: It will take at least 24 hours for the app to be available on Roku.

How to Screen Mirror USA Network to Roku

Only by enabling the screen mirroring on Roku, you can mirror the USA Network app from your Android or iOS Smartphone.

Screen Mirror USA Network to Roku from Android Smartphone

Connect your Android Smartphone and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network and follow the steps below:

1. Launch the USA Network app on your Android Smartphone. If you haven’t installed the USA Network app, get the app from the Google Play Store.

Install the USA Network app

2. Next, launch the USA Network app after installation and sign in with your TV provider account.

3. After that, launch the Notification Panel and tap on the Cast icon.

Tap on the Cast icon

4. Now, your Android Smartphone will scan for nearby devices. From there, choose your Roku device.

5. Return to the USA Network app and stream your favorites to watch on your TV.

Stream USA Network on Roku

Screen Mirror USA Network to Roku from iOS Smartphone

1. Open the App Store and install the USA Network app.

Install the USA Network app

2. Ensure that you have connected your iOS Smartphone to the Wi-Fi network as same as your Roku device.

3. After that, launch the Control Center and tap on the Screen mirroring icon.

Tap on the Screen Mirroring icon

4. Now, choose your Roku device from the available devices list.

5. After that, launch the USA Network app.

6. Input your TV provider credentials to login into your account.

7. Finally, you can choose any content to watch on your Roku TV.

How to Watch USA Network on Roku Without a Cable

You can also watch USA Network without using cable networks. By using streaming services, you can stream it on Roku. You might have a subscription to any of these, and they come with attractive channel lists and offers. They include

  • Hulu + Live TV
  • fuboTV
  • Sling TV
  • DirecTV Stream
  • YouTube TV

Hulu + Live TV

hulu + live TV

Hulu on Roku is one of the most popular American streaming services owned by the Walt Disney Company and NBC Universal. It offers three plans and streams 65 + Live TV channels along with on-demand content. That means you can watch live TV on Roku with the Hulu app.

  • The Hulu Basic: Hulu Basic is $6.99, which is an ad-based subscription.
  • Hulu (No Ads): Hulu (No Ads) costs $12.99 per month and is free of ads.
  • The Hulu Basic + Live TV: This plan costs $69.99 per month with cloud DVR storage.

You can get the USA Network on Hulu+Live TV with or without ads.



fubo TV is on Roku. Moreover, the fuboTV offers the USA network under its subscription. Also, you can find the subscription plan offered by the fuboTV below:

  • Pro: It costs about $69.99 per month with 1000 hours of Cloud DVR storage.
  • Elite: It costs about $79.99 per month with the addition of 46+ channels.

Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is a popular American media streaming service that streams on-demand content and Live TV channels with a paid subscription. It has different subscription plans in it.

  • The Sling Orange: The Sling Orange plan streams 32 channels at $35 per month with additional channels as ad-on.
  • Sling Blue: The Sling Blue streams 42 channels at $35 per month with ad-on channels.
  • Sling Orange & Blue: This streams around 50 channels at $50 per month.
  • Add-ons: The Sling has different ad-on packages with a group of similar channels in it.

The USA network in the Sling Blue plan and Sling Orange & Blue plan.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream on Roku is another American media streaming platform that streams multiple channels in 4 different subscription plans. These subscription plans have different channel line-ups as well. 

  • Entertainment: The Entertainment package streams 65+ channels at $69.99 per month.
  • Choice: This package streams 90+ channels at $89.99 per month.
  • Ultimate: The Ultimate package streams 130+ channels at $104.99 per month.
  • Premier: This package streams 140+ channels at $149.99 per month.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV

YouTube TV on Roku is another popular American streaming platform that streams on-demand content along with Live TV channels, including USA Network. The YouTube TV subscription brings you 85+ channels at $64.99. Furthermore, you can add Premium Channel Packages and channels to your subscription.


1) Can I stream USA Network on Roku?

Yes, you can stream it on Roku because USA Network is available on Roku Channel Store. You can also stream it by using streaming services available on Roku.

2) Is USA Network free on Roku?

USA Network is free to add to your Roku. But to access the USA Network, you need a cable TV provider account that you used to subscribe to the USA Network channel.