If you love music, then you should probably know about YouTube Music. It is a music streaming platform owned by Google. It allows you to stream, download, and listen to favorite music, even offline. Roku has numerous video streaming applications, but there are only fewer choices when it comes to audio streaming. You can’t find native support for YouTube Music on Roku. But there are possible methods through which you can access YouTube Music on your Roku device.

YouTube Music is a reimagined app, and you can find the music you want to listen to instantly. The interface of YouTube Music lets you search and discover music based on your preferences or genres. You will find music tracks for every mood of yours and listen to them with one tap. YouTube Music includes the song lyrics and thus lets you sign along. With the Music Premium plan, you can listen to ad-free songs, access downloads, background playback, etc.

Highlights of YouTube Music

The following are the features of the YouTube Music App:

  • It offers more than 70 million official songs.
  • You can play YouTube Music in the background.
  • Download your favorite music for offline listening.
  • You can Play music based on genres (Pop, Country, Rock, Hip Hop, etc.)
  • Choose songs based on your mood (Chill, Focus, Romance, workout, Feel Good, etc.)

Can you Get YouTube Music on Roku?

No, YouTube Music is unavailable in the Roku Channel Store. But you will find all the possible ways to access YouTube Music by reading below.

YouTube Music Subscription Plans & Pricing

YouTube music is completely free to use. But subscribing to a monthly plan ($9.99), you can avoid ads and get some additional perks. You can also access YouTube Music if you have subscribed for YouTube Premium ($11.99/month).

To subscribe to YouTube Music, you need to visit https://music.youtube.com/.


  • Make sure the Roku and the device you are going to mirror, i.e., Android or iOS devices and PC, are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Set the screen mirroring mode to Always Allow or Prompt (Settings >> Screen Mirroring >> Screen mirroring mode >> Always Allow/Prompt).
  • Enable the AirPlay on Roku.

How to Get YouTube Music on Roku

As there was no official YouTube Music channel available on Roku, you need to mirror YouTube Music from your Android or iOS devices or PC.

Screen Mirror YouTube Music on Roku from Android Devices

[1] Download and install YouTube Music from the Play Store.

[2] Open the Notification Panel by swiping down the screen from the top.

youtube music on roku tv

[3] Tap on the Cast/Mirroring option.

[4] Select your Roku device from the available devices list.


[5] Play any song and listen to it on your Roku device.

Screen Mirror YouTube Music to Roku from iOS Devices

If you have updated your Roku device and iOS device to the latest version, you can follow the steps below to screen Mirror YouTube Music without any third-party apps.

1. Launch the YouTube Music app. If you haven’t installed the YouTube Music app, install the app from the App Store.

2. Next, go to the Control Center and tap on Screen Mirroring.

Tap on Screen Mirroring

3. Then, choose your Roku device.

4. Now, your iOS device’s screen will mirror to your Roku TV.

5. After that, launch the YouTube Music app and sign in to your account.

6. Play any music on the YouTube Music app and stream it on your TV.

Screen Mirror YouTube Music on Roku from PC / Laptop

[1] On your browser, go to music.youtube.com.

[2] Press Windows + P keys on your keyboard.


[3] Click on Connect to a wireless display.


[4] Select your Roku device from the connect tab.

[5] Now play a YouTube music video on the browser and listen to it on your Roku.

Listen to YouTube Music using the YouTube App

You can also listen to YouTube music with the help of the YouTube app on your Roku device. All the content available on YouTube Music is accessible on the YouTube app. At the same time, it will not make much impact on your listening. You also can enjoy listening to your music privately using the Private Listening on Roku feature.


YouTube Music Alternatives

If you aren’t a fan of screen mirroring, then you can choose some of the alternatives that are officially available on the Roku channel store. Some of the popular Music streaming channels available for Roku are

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happened to YouTube Music on Roku?

YouTube Music is still not yet made available on the channel store.

2. Does Roku Express have YouTube TV?

Yes, you can get YouTube TV on Roku Express.