VRV from Otter Media is an ad-based media streaming service in America. It streams content from other channels. The VRV has both a free service and a premium service. A premium account needs you to sign in with your account and lets you create playlists. Furthermore, on a Premium account, you can keep track of videos you haven’t finished watching. Let’s add and stream content from VRV on Roku.


What’s on VRV?

VRV streams content from various other services. Each channel on VRV has thousands of content in different categories. Some of the best channels on VRV are.

Crunchyroll: Crunchyroll is a popular Asian content and Anime streaming channel.

Shudder: Shudder streams horror movies from different times and countries.

Tested: Tested is an informative channel that explains modern technology and science.

Rooster Teeth: The main content on Rooster Teeth includes animation and games. 

Ginx: Ginx is the best place to watch E-sports and entertaining shows.

Funimation: It mainly streams both popular and trending Japanese animes.

Geek and Sundry: It streams games and E-sports.

Rifftrax: It is the best movie streaming channel on VRV.

VRV on Roku

Moreover, VRV streams over 20000 hours of content for free. You have to link your subscription to channels like Crunchyroll to access its contents.

How to Add VRV on Roku?

Let’s add VRV on Roku from the Channel Store.

1. Initially, turn on your TV and connect the Roku device to it.

2. Secondly, select the Streaming Channels option on the sidebar on your home screen.

3. Further, select the Search Channel option from the menu on your screen.

4. Next, type and search for VRV on the search bar.

5. The search results appear on the screen. Select the VRV from the list.

6. From the overview page, click on the Add Channel option.

7. Now, the channel starts to download. Wait for a few minutes for the download to complete and press on OK.

8. Open the VRV app from the home screen.

9. Finally, select the content on VRV and play it on Roku.

VRV on Roku

Wrapping Up

VRV has a wide range of content, including animes, games, and infotainment. The shows on VRV come with subtitles, and some shows are even dubbed in English. Additionally, VRV has exclusive content in channels like VRV Select, Cartoon Hanover, and MONDO. Have great streaming of these contents with VRV on Roku.