Are you looking for the best channel streaming Los Angeles News on Roku? Then, let me give you a few suggestions with local Los Angeles news streams. As we all are aware, we have a well-compiled collection of news channels on Roku. However, not all of these cover special Los Angeles news coverage. Let’s get into more details on the topic.

How to Stream Los Angeles News on Roku?

Let’s discuss a few apps on Roku that might bring to you Los Angeles news on Roku.

CBSN Los Angeles.

CBS News is a Live app that streams news 24/7. Along with this daily live stream, there includes a Live stream of Los Angeles news a well. It includes weather updates on Los Angeles and any other important news in LA. The app doesn’t ask you to log in and bring sports news, international news, and local news. Apart from Los Angeles local news, it streams local news from Boston, Chicago, Bay Area, Denver, Dallas, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Also, you can Install CBS News like any other app from the channel Store. Launch the app and move to the CBS Live section. Select CBSN Los Angeles stream from this section.

Los Angeles news on Roku

ABC7 Los Angeles

ABC7 is a news streaming platform that brings to you Live news telecasts, breaking news, and weather forecasts. Apart from these Live TV telecasts, you can watch an updated library of on-demand content. Apart from these regular functions, it lets you create customized news alerts based on your preferences. The alerts can be based on preferences of places, issues, entertainment, and sports. The ABC7 channel is available on Roku and you can install it from the Channel store.



KTLA+ is LA’s very own news channel in southern California since 1947`. It has special news sections, including Live, on-demand News, Coronavirus news, shows, and weather. Some of the best news shows on KTLA+ are One Magnificient Morning, The Jerry Springer Show, The Bill Cunningham Show, Last Man standing, friends, and Maury. You can install the KTLA+ channel on Roku on the Channel Store itself.

Los Angeles news on Roku


fuboTV is an American subscription-based streaming platform. It has basic plans with well-compiled channel collections and different add-on packages. They stream local channels as well, where you can watch LA news on Roku. It has a good collection of local channels, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, AMC, A&E, and the USA. 

fuboTV - Los Angeles news on Roku

Hulu+Live TV

Hulu+Live TV is one of the best options to get local channels on Roku. It has different plans and a lot of your most favorite channels. Hulu streams local news with channels like NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC on Roku. It streams over 65 channels with both an ad-based and an ad-free subscription.


Sling TV

Sling TV is another brilliant bundle subscription on Roku with local channels streaming. The Sling TV has two basic plans in it, the Sling Blue and the Sling Orange plans. They have different channels in them and you can add extra add-on packages to your subscription. It streams local news channels including NBC, FOX, and NBC where you can watch Los Angeles News.

SlingTV - Los Angeles news on Roku

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a Live TV bundle subscription that streams over 70 channels at $64.99. It brings to you some of the best entertainment channels and news channels. You can watch Los Angeles news on YouTube TV with channels from NBC, ABC, and FOX.

YouTube TV

Los Angeles news on Roku with Radio

Apart from watching the Live news on different channels, you can listen to the Los Angeles news on iHeart Radio and TuneIn. iHeart Radio and TuneIn, both bring to you music, podcasts, and radio channels. You can download both of these channels on Roku.

iHeart Radio - Los Angeles news on Roku

With the above channels on Roku, you can stream Los Angeles News on Roku. If you have subscription to premium channels, then you can start using those instead of purchasing a new subscription.