Audacy is an audio streaming platform that is formerly called It offers a range of audio content for users to listen to. The service has a collection of audio categories like Music, Podcasts, Talk shows, Radio, etc. You can get to listen to every Pop, Rock, Country music, Coldplay, and Taylor Swift music on Audacy. You can stream Audacy content on devices like Android, Roku, iOS, Browser, Smart TV, etc. The Audacy app is available in the Roku Channel Store, and you can install the app on your Roku device for free.

How Much Does Audacy Cost on Roku

The Audacy app is completely free for streaming, and it doesn’t need any subscription to stream it on your Roku device.

Audacy Supported Roku Devices

Audacy supports certain Roku devices, such as

  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Premiere and Premiere+
  • Roku Express and Express+
  • Roku 2, 3, and 4 (model 3000 or later)
  • Roku Streaming Stick (model 3400 or later)
  • Roku TV

The Audacy channel might not be available for Roku devices manufactured before 2011, and your Roku device model should be over 3000 and above.

How to Install Audacy on Roku

1: Press the Home button to open the Roku home screen.

2: On the home screen, select the Streaming channels option.

Click on Streaming channels option on Roku home screen

3: Next, choose the Search channel option on the left.

Type Audacy on the search field of Roku channel store

4: On the search field, type Audacy and search for the app in the Roku Channel Store.

5: Select the app from the search result and click Add channel to install the Audacy app.

6: After installing the app, choose the Go to Channel option to open the app on Roku.

Audacy Categories

You can listen to some of the different topics on Audacy, like:


You can explore some of the music stations like Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, and many more.

News and Talk Radio:

You can get too listed on the top radio stations of news studios like CNN, Fox News, and CBS News.


Like Spotify and other music streaming services, you can listen to podcasts on Audacy.

The most listened-to podcasts contents on Audacy are crime, History, and political podcasts.

Audacy Originals:

You can get early access to Audacy originals like My Fugitive and Stay Away from Matthew Magil.


With Audacy, you can get to listen to radio interviews and team updates posted by local insiders and top personalities.


Is Audacy radio free?

Yes, you can listen to the radio stations like music, News, and Sports radio for free on Audacy.