Epix (currently known as MGM+) is a streaming service with a cheaper premium price. It includes various movies and TV shows for on-demand streaming. The Epix app also provides Originals such as Rogue Heroes, Condor, Belgravia, and more. But if you don’t use the subscription or if you want to take a break, then you can cancel your Epix subscription anytime you want. You can also cancel the Epix Subscription on the Roku device itself.

How Much Does Epix Cost on Roku

The Epix channel costs $5.99/ month and $49.99/ year. You can also subscribe to the 7-day free trial of Epix to use the premium features for free before paying for premium.

How to Cancel Epix Subscription on Roku

You can cancel Epix or other subscriptions on Roku only if you purchased the subscription using a Roku account. To terminate the subscription on your Roku, you can use either the Roku device or the Roku website.

How to Cancel Epix on Roku Device

1: Go to the home screen of Roku and click on the Channels option.

2: Under the channel section, navigate and highlight the Epix app.

3: Now, press the * (Asterisk) button on your Roku remote.

Press the * button on Roku remote

4: From the pop-up menu, select the Manage Subscription option.

Click on Manage subscription to cancel Epix on Roku

5: In the next step, choose the Cancel Subscription option.

6: Again, click Cancel Subscription for confirmation and terminate the Epix subscription on your Roku.

How to Cancel Epix Subscription Using Roku Website

1: Open any web browser on a PC or smartphone and visit the Roku website.

2: Next, sign in with your Roku credentials on the website.

Sign in with your Roku account on the website

3: After signing in, click the Manage Your subscription option on the website.

Choose Manage your subscription to cancel Epix on Roku

4: Surf through the list of subscriptions and select Epix.

5: Now, click on the Unsubscribe option and choose Done to terminate your Epix subscription.

How to Cancel Epix Subscription on Official Website

Suppose you have purchased the Epix subscription on the official website, then you can able to cancel the subscription on the website only.

1: Visit the Epix website using any web browser on a PC or Smartphone.

2: Now click the login button and enter your Epix credentials on the website.

Enter your login credentials on Epix website

3: After login in, click on the Account or profile icon on the website.

4: Now, choose subscriptions and select the subscription you want to cancel.

5: Finally, click on the Cancel subscription option and follow the on-screen instruction to terminate your subscription.

If you bought Epix using Prime Video, DirecTV Stream, or YouTube TV, then you can cancel the subscription using its respected website. Though you have canceled the subscription, you can able to enjoy the service till the current subscription ends.


How to remove the Epix app on Roku?

To remove your Epix app on Roku, first, you need to terminate your subscription. Then, go to Channels >> Epix >> Press * on Roku remote >> Remove Channel >> OK.