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Series Name…NCIS Season 19 (2021-22)

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  • Ratings (Avg): 8/10
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Action
  • Directed by: Michael Zinberg
  • Produced by: Katherine Beattie, Donald P. Bellisario, Steven D. Binder, and others
  • Casts: Mark Harmon, Sean Murray, Wilmer Valderrama, and others

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs was ahead of the special agent’s team that belonged to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, in short NCIS. The team was also referred to as the Major Case Response Team. Gibbs, who was a former marine officer, a highly skilled interrogator, and a very hard investigator believed in his gut feeling as much as he prioritized the evidence. Tony DiNozzo was another field agent who was second in command after Gibbs. Tony who was a womanizer and Baltimore Homicide Detective always got his job done despite being considered a class clown. Abby Sciuto who was also assisting the team was an energetic Goth lab tech and she seemed to be a daughter to Gibb. Along with this Dr. Donald Mallard, better known as Ducky was a unique medical examiner. Now the core team having many other special agents was based in Washington, D.C. was intended to resolve criminal cases of the Marine and Navy.


The special agent team was looking for Gibbs after they had found the wreckage of his boat and they got to know that Gibbs was in search of a serial killer along with a journalist named Marcie Warren. While going through the investigation of tracking down the serial killer the team came to know that someone else had also gotten involved in this investigation. Parker and Gibbs went on a road trip to meet one of the victims of the serial killer. On the other hand, Agent Knight, being undercover went to a huge manufacturing company that was related to the murders for the investigation. Next, Gibbs and McGee went on a long road trip to Alaska to continue their investigation and they were about to get the information about the killer named Paul Lemere. Now, the NCIS team was involved in an investigation of a death of a Navy officer, the body was suddenly found and Jimmy needed to examine the body. The dead Navy commander, who was loved by his colleagues and another team member, had trained many of the best athletes of the country. So, the investigation of the NCIS had been continuing, and to track down all the murders of this series you have to be with them throughout the investigation while watching this series none stop with the repeat watch facilities of the bbfly paramount plus on Roku downloader.

The Secret Shades of the Series

Being a crime thriller series it has all the entertaining elements that can grab your attention and attraction in the first place. From plot to presentation, every component of this series is enigmatic and encroaching. The way this series would engage you in its execution, you would thrive for the next episode to come while watching the previous one. Another most intriguing part of this content is that every scene would make you think and predict their next move in every second. You can’t be a mere audience of the series, instead, you would equally invest your time, energy, imagination power, and intelligence to solve the case along with them. Unknowingly the audience would get fully consumed in the story and you would end up guessing the right criminal while going through the investigation of the story, it would surely make you feel the satisfied, happy, and proud audience. On the contrary, even if you wouldn’t be able to crack the climax, the surprising suspense of the ending would always be successful to satisfy you. So, without a further delay, you must start watching this series along with its other seasons in paramount plus download with the bbfly paramount plus downloader.

Our Verdict

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