The Roku Channel Store is loaded with a lot of the best channels from various categories like western, Korean, Russian, and more. In addition, if you are looking for the Spanish Channels on Roku, you can find n number of channels. But you have to pick the best one to stream your favorites seamlessly.

Best Spanish Channels on Roku

Best Spanish ChannelsDownload LinkRatings
ViXRoku Channel Store★★★★☆
Estrella TV Roku Channel Store★★★★☆
Telemundo 52Roku Channel Store★★★★☆
FilmRise Español Roku Channel Store★★★★☆
Dominican NetworksRoku Channel Store★★★★☆
Azteca Mas Roku Channel Store★★★★☆
Canela.TV Roku Channel Store★★★☆☆
Univision NowRoku Channel Store★★★☆☆

1. ViX


Get some of the best Spanish Collections for free.

ViX is one of the best platforms to stream Spanish movies, TV shows, and on-demand content for free. Also, you can catch up on the latest news and watch live sports. Also, you can clear the ads while streaming on the app by subscribing to ViX Plus at $6.99 per month. In addition to the subscription, you will get a 7-day free trial.

2. Estrella TV

Estrella TV - Spanish channels on Roku

It offers 20000+ hous of movies, TV shows, and on demand content for free.

On Estrella TV, you can watch the most popular Spanish reality shows like Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento, and Don Cheto. Moreover, you can have access to 20000+ hours of movies, TV shows, and on-demand content in the Spanish language. Also, you can watch some of the Spanish live TV channels. Moreover, you can get access to all of this Spanish content totally for free.

3. Telemundo 52

Telemundo 52 - Spanish Channels on Roku

Get access to local sports content from Los Angeles for free.

With Telemundo 52, you can stream the local news from Los Angeles in the Spanish language. Additionally, you can access horoscopes, inspiring stories, music, and more in the Spanish language. Also, you can stream the weather report in Los Angeles in the Spanish language.

4. FilmRise Español

FilmRise Español - Spanish Channels on Roku

You can stream the original Spanish and dubbed movies or TV shows totally free of cost.

FilmRise Español has the best collection of Original and dubbed Spanish content. Also, you can watch some of the popular TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen in the Spanish language. Additionally, there is a lot of British and kids’ content available on this platform. Moreover, you can access all the content offered by FilmRise Español for free.

5. Dominican Networks

Dominican Networks - Spanish channels on Roku

Get a subscription and access some of the popular Spanish live TV channels.

With Dominican Networks, you can watch a lot of exclusive content. It includes live TV, news, concerts, music, movies, religion TV, and more. But you need to become a member to access the content on the Dominican Networks. The subscription will cost you $9.99 per month.

6. Azteca Mas

Azteca Mas

Stream the popular telenovelas, movies and cooking recipes in Spanish language.

Azteca Mas is the platform you need to stream your favorite telenovelas and popular series. Also, you can get access to lifestyle and cooking recipes. Some of the shows you can enjoy streaming with Azteca Mas are Pobre Diabla, La Fortaleza, Destino, Bajo el Alma, La Teniente, and more. Also, you must note that you can only get Azteca Mas inside the USA.

7. Canela.TV


Stream 1000+ Spanish content for free

Do you want to stream the best entertainment from Mexico, Argentina, the USA, Columbia, Turkey, and Spain in the Spanish language? Then, Canela.TV is the platform you need to choose. Moreover, you can stream 1000+ popular movies and soap operas in the Spanish language. Additionally, you can access all of this Spanish content free of cost.

8. Univision Now

Univision Now

Access sports and news content in Spanish language.

With the Univision Now subscription, you can stream all the popular movies and TV shows in the Spanish language. Also, you can get access to the news and Sports games in the Spanish language. Moreover, you can stream the Univision channel live. For that, you need to subscribe to Univision Now at $10.99 per month.

How to Get Spanish Channels on Roku

Choose any of the best Spanish channels from the above section and follow the steps below to add the Spanish Channels on Roku.

Note: Here, let us give you an example by adding the ViX channel.

1. Choose the Streaming Channels option from the Roku home screen.

Select Streaming Channels

2. Locate and select the Search Channels option.

Select Search Channels - Get Spanish Channels on Roku

3. Search for ViX using the virtual keyboard and pick the same from the search results.

4. Hit the Add Channel button, and the adding process will start.

5. Once the adding process completes, select the OK button from the prompt.

6. Choose the Go to Channel option to launch the ViX channel.

7. Sign in to your account and stream your favorite Spanish content.

Now, you can stream your favorite Spanish movies, TV shows, sports, music, news, and more by adding your favorite channels from the best Spanish Channels list.