FX is the place where you can stream movies, originals, and TV shows on your Roku device. It offers the best channel lineup of dramas, movies, shows, comedies, and so on. On Roku, you have to install the FXNow app to stream all the content from FX networks. After installing, sign in with your TV provider and watch your favorite live TV shows on your Roku-connected Smart TV. You don’t have to pay to install this app. A free account is enough to save all your favorites.

How Much Does FXNow Cost on Roku

It is free to install the FXNow app on your Roku device and other compatible devices. But, to watch some content on this application, you have to sign in with your Cable TV Provider. The TV Providers that you can use to sign in are,

  • AT&T U-verse
  • Spectrum
  • Cox Communications
  • DirecTV
  • DirecTV Stream
  • Dish
  • Optimum.
  • Verizon
  • Xfinity
  • NDTC, etc.

What’s on FXNow?

These are some of the interesting features that you might find inside this application.

  • You can customize all the advertisements based on your interest
  • It comprises the Children’s Privacy Policy, thereby protecting the privacy of children who uses this application
  • FXNow offers full-length closed captioning support
  • You can continue watching from where you left off.
  • It also has TV parental guidelines so parents can look over the online activities of their children.
  • You can sync all your preferences across multiple devices.

How to Sign Up for FX on Roku

Before starting the process, make sure that you sign up and create an account with FX to make the rest of the process easier. You can directly create an account on its website, or you can sign in with your Cable TV Provider if you have one.

Note: If you already possess an account at Disney, ESPN, Marvel, or ABC, there is no need to create an account. Sign in with the same details directly from the home page.

1. If you are about to create an account, visit the FX website (fxnow.fxnetworks.com/my-profile).

2. Click on Create an account and enter the necessary details.

3. Once you enter, hit Create Account.

Create an account on FXNow
Link your TV Provider with FXNow

4. If you have a cable TV provider, select Link TV Provider and choose the TV Provider that you have.

5. Next, enter its credentials and sign in.

How to Install FXNow on Roku

If you want to stream the shows from FX, you have to install an app called FXNow. Fortunately, the FXNow app is natively available on the Roku channel store. So, you can directly install this app on your Roku-connected Smart TVs.

2. Power on Roku and go to the home page.

3. Scroll down and choose Streaming Channels from the left sidebar.

Choose Streaming Channels option

4. Choose the Search Channels option on the next screen. It will take you to the Channel Store.

Choose Search Channels option to install the FXNow on Roku

5. Using the on-screen keyboards, search for the FXNow channel.

6. Then, choose the FXNow app from the suggestions list.

7. Click on the +Add Channel button to get the FXNow app on your Roku device.

8. Wait for the channel to get installed completely on your Roku device.

How to Activate FXNow on Roku

Once you successfully install the channel, the next step is to activate it to stream all the desired content.

1. Launch the FXNow channel on your Roku TV.

2. Hit the Sign In button, and you can see an Activation Code displayed on the screen.

3. Now, open a web browser on your Smartphone or PC and visit the FXNow Activation Website (fxnow.fxnetworks.com/activate).

Activate the FXNow app on your Roku device

4. Enter the Activation Code that is displayed on your Roku TV screen and hit Continue.

5. Now, choose the TV Provider and sign in with its credentials.

6. Once done, choose the program you prefer and start streaming it on your Roku device.

Stream FXNow App on Roku

Note: If you want to watch the Live TV shows, you have to sign up with your cable TV provider. If not, you can sign in with your FX account.

Alternative Methods to Watch FX on Roku

If you do not possess a cable TV provider subscription, you can also watch movies and shows from FX using these streaming services. Before that, make sure that you install any one of these on your Roku TV and start the process.

Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the most used streaming services that offers FX and other channels. It is much more affordable, simple, and easy to use. Using the Sling FreeStream, you can stream the FX and all the channels for free on HD Quality.

Among all the three subscription costs, you can find the FX in the Sling Blue ($45/month) and on Sling Orange & Blue ($60/month) packages. If you are a new subscriber, pay only half of the subscription cost for the initial month.


fuboTV is one of the streaming services where you can watch FX anytime and anywhere. Along with that, there are no contracts or no commitments available while streaming in this service. It contains 200+ channels and ranks number 1 in customer satisfaction.

There are four subscription costs offered on fuboTV. Among that four packages, you have to subscribe to the Pro ($74.99/month) to get this channel. If you are a new subscriber, you can get a free trial on fuboTV for 7 days.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is available nationwide, so you can stream programs from FX where ever you are. Along with FX, you can watch live TVs from 100+ top channels. There are no annual contracts or installation charges charged by this service.

On subscribing to YouTube TV’s base plan for $72.99/month, you can easily access all the programs on the FX channel. This premium package offers unlimited DVR space with thousands of on-demand tiles.

The availability of this app may vary depending on the location you are living. Before installing FX, make sure that you update Roku to the latest version. Also, check whether you are receiving sufficient internet connection that does not affect your streaming.


Why is my FX Not Working on Roku?

If the FX app is not working on Roku, try the troubleshooting steps like reinstalling the FXNow app, rebooting it, checking the internet connection, and so on. If none of the steps gives you a hand, you can directly contact the support center and get official support.

Is FX available on Roku?

Yes. FX TV channel is available for streaming on Roku. You need to install the FXNow app on your Roku device or from the Roku website.