Bet is an American TV channel mainly targeting African American TV shows. They rolled out Bet Plus app to stream the contents on various platforms. You can stream various episodes, special shows, events, movies, music, etc., with a pay-TV service provider. Roku is one of the most used and best streaming devices. You can install Bet Plus on Roku and stream various Bet programs whenever and wherever required. The channel is officially available on the Roku store, and this guide will help you with the installation process for the same.

Bet Plus on Roku

Bet Plus app can be installed on your streaming device easily. But, then you would require pay-TV service provider login credentials. Contact your provider to get the login data.

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1. Make sure to connect your Roku player to the TV via HDMI Port.

2. Turn on your Roku device and the TV. Choose the right input source on your TV.

3. On the Roku home screen, navigate to the Search menu.

4. Type Bet Plus on the search field with the help of on-screen keyboard and remote.

Search on Roku

5. Select the Bet Plus channel from the list of search lists.

6. On the app installation screen, click on the Add Channel button.

Bet Plus on Roku

7. Wait for the Bet+ channel to install. Click on the OK menu once it was installed.

Activate Bet Plus on Roku

1. Launch the Bet Plus channel that you installed.

2. Next, follow the on-screen prompts on the welcome page to complete the setup.

3. An Activation code will appear on the Roku-connected TV screen.

4. By using a browser on your computer or phone, visit the Bet Plus Activation Site.

5. Enter the activation code and tap on the Continue menu.

Activate Bet Plus on Roku

7. Now sign in with your cable or satellite TV service provider credentials.

8. The Bet Plus app on the TV screen will refresh automatically to load the media content.

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To Conclude

By installing Bet Plus on Roku, you could stream various movies, and TV shows in different categories include comedy, action, fiction, family, and more. Moreover, you also get to access a few free contents, and the subscription also comes with a 7-day free trial. Mention all your feedback in the comments section.