Blippi is a funny character who is popular among the kids. He entertains and educates the children through his videos. If you have kids, then don’t hesitate to add Blippi Toys on Roku. Blippi can be a good and entertaining teacher to your kids. Also, with Blippi Toys, your kids can learn how to count, draw, and write. Above all, your kids would definitely love the videos of Blippi, and so have the other kids.

Blippi Toys

Blippi Toys

Blippi shares educational videos on different platforms, including YouTube, the website, and Roku. The character of Blippi is enacted by the creator, Stevin John. In truth, he is an expert when it comes to educating the kids. Blippi wears costumes in Blue and Orange colors. Blippi is not only your child’s teacher but also a good friend. The name Blippi toys are termed as Blippi plays with his toys in his videos.  In particular, he makes content for children between the ages between 2 and 7. Furthermore, Blippi creates content in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and German.

Blippi Toys on Roku

Blippi Toys on Roku

Blippi has his free official Roku Channel. Also, it is supported only on Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Express, Roku Ultra, Roku Premiere, and Roku TV. Follow these simple steps and add Blippi on Roku.

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote to launch the home screen.

2. Select the Streaming Channels option on the home screen.

3. Choose the Search Channels option on the menu.

4. Search for Blippi on the search bar.

5. Once, the search results appears, choose Blippi.

6. Click on the Add channel button on the overview page.

7. Wait for the download to complete and then click on OK.

8. Launch the new Blippi channel on the home screen.

9. Finally, play the videos on Blippi for your child.

You don’t need any subscription on Blippi. In other words, it is free to download and use the channel on Roku.

Blippi Toys on Roku with Service Providers

The Blippi channel on Roku is not the only way to watch Blippi Toys. We get Live TV content of Blippi on YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.


Hulu is a popular Live TV option on Roku. It has both Live TV channels and on-demand content. Additionally, they have different subscription plans, both ad-free and ad-based. Furthermore, you can stream Blippi toys on Hulu. If you already have a Hulu, subscription stream Blippi on it. If not, go through the plans and channels to get the right subscription for you.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a premium content provider on Roku. It streams a lot of interesting shows and series. Also, you can watch Blippi on Amazon Prime subscription.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of education platforms for children. However, Blippi is a lot different from those channels. He can be a good teacher and a good friend to your kids. The creator of Blippi, Stevin John is an entrepreneur. Through the presentation and interaction with kids, Blippi is a favorite to both the kids and parents. In the same way, Blippi can teach your kid to draw, write, count, read, and color. So, let your kids enjoy learning with Blippi Toys on Roku.