Burrow Channel offers content on a wide variety of subjects like News, Science, Politics, Anthropology, and Medicine, and from a diverse perspective that’ll be contrary to the mainstream media. It was voluntarily started to bring hidden truths to people’s attention and a new angle for every current happening. Burrow Channel is available on the Roku Channel Store as DigBorrow.com. Burrow Channel is the best app for educational content.

How Much Does Burrow Channel Cost on Roku

Burrow Channel is absolutely free of cost on Roku. All you require is just a formal sign-up and login to access its content.

What’s on Burrow Channel

  • It has 2,500 controversial videos banned from mainstream media.
  • The app offers lots of impressive red-pill tools.
  • It allows chatting with like-minded people using its Member Chat feature.
  • Famous TV shows like New World Order, Cult of Medics, Quantum Human Capabilities, and more are available.

How to Add & Watch Burrow Channel on Roku

[1] Connect the Roku device to WiFi with a stable internet connection.

[2] Press the Home button and the Home menu will open up.

[3] Select the Streaming Channels option.

Select Streaming Channels option

[4] Then, go to the Search Channels option.

Click Search Channels option

[5] Search for the DigBurrow channel using the virtual keyboard.

[6] When found in search results, click Add Channel button to add the channel to your Roku device.

[8] Click the Go to Channel button and launch it.

[9] Within the app, enter the required details and sign up.

Create Burrow Channel account Roku

[10] Then, log in to the Burrow channel and watch the content of any desired genre.

Watch Burrow Channel on Roku

Alternate Method to Add Burrow Channel to Roku

[1] Visit the Roku Channel Store website from the browser of any device.

[2] Click the Sign in option at the top right corner.

[3] Then, log in to the website using your Roku account credentials.

[4] After logging in, click on the Search Channels bar and search for the DigBurrow channel.

[5] In the search results, locate the channel and enter its info page.

[6] Click the Add channel button and the channel will be added to your Roku account.

Burrow Channel in Roku Channel Store website

But remember, it takes 24 hours for the added channel to reflect on your Roku device.


Is Burrow Channel available on YouTube?

No, with the YouTube app on Roku, you can’t get the Burrow Channel video content.

Is any membership available for Burrow Channel?

Yes. You can support Burrow Channel for their bold attempts if you are willing. You can either pay $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year and contribute to them.