CPAC is a Cable Public Affairs Channel. In this channel, you can stream in-depth coverage of all the latest news in Canada. Even though there is no official app for CPAC available in Roku Channel Store, you can still stream the CPAC contents on your Roku device by using some other services compatible with Roku devices. Read this article until the end to learn how to stream Roku CPAC.

cpac on roku

CPAC is Canada’s number one bilingual network channel. This service was started in 1973, 49 years ago. And it is laid on by American Conservation Union. This service includes live streaming of public affairs programming 24/7, political news, politician’s interviews, politician’s public speech shows, helpful educational videos, and live streaming of political parties committee meetings and parliamentary sessions.

How to stream CPAC on Roku – (Via Roku Channel)?

You can search and watch all the CPAC content in the Roku channel itself. Let us see the steps to stream CPAC on Roku via Roku Channel:

Note: Most of the Roku devices come with the Roku Channel built-in. If your device doesn’t contain the channel, then follow the steps below to install it.

1. Turn on your Roku device.

2. Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote.

3. Go to Streaming Channels.

Home screen

4. Under Streaming Channels, select the Search Channels option.

Search channels

5. Browse and locate the Roku Channel.

6. Now hit Add channel button.

7. Navigate to the home menu.

8. Click on the Roku Channel icon to open the channel.

cpac on roku

9. From there, browse and watch any CPAC content.

How to stream CPAC on Roku – (Via YouTube TV)

1. Navigate to the Home menu on your Roku device.

2. Select Streaming Channels.

3. Select the Top Free option in the left-side menu.


4. There, you can find YouTube, select it and press the OK button on your Roku remote.

5. Select Add channel option.

Add channels to watch cpac on roku

6. Then tap on the Go to channel OPTION.

7. Tap on ADD ACCOUNT to sign in to your YouTube account.

cpac on roku

7. From there, you can search and subscribe to CPAC Channel.

Pro Tip: Try YouTube Premium to access all the live CPAC Channel content.

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Note: If you want to delete Roku Channel or YouTube on your Roku device, navigate to that channel, press the * button in your Roku TV remote, and then select the ‘Remove channel‘ option.

Summing Up

In recent times if you take every country, they will have at least one trustworthy public affairs channel. Likewise, CPAC is one such exclusive public affair channel in Canada. This service is similar to services in other countries such as BBC Parliament (United Kingdom), Phoenix (Germany), C-SPAN (United States), La Chaîne parlementaire (France), EuroparlTV (European Union), Arutz HaKnesset (Israel), and Senado (Brazil).