Dofu is a sports streaming platform that streams a variety of sports content in its application. You can watch NBA, NFL, MLB, and many sporting events on Dofu Sports. If you miss the live events, you can get to track the past record and live scores on the app. To stream Dofu Sports on your Roku device, you need to use the casting feature of your smartphone.

How Much Does Dofu Sports Cost on Roku

Dofu Sports is free of cost streaming platform that offers NFL, NBA, and other sports channels on any device. Just by downloading the app, you can start streaming the sports content you like. There is no sign-up required.

Feature of Dofu Sports

  • Live Stream for NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NHL, and MLB high quality with 720p, 1080p 60FPS
  • Live score, scoreboard, standings, and rankings on mobile devices anywhere, anytime.
  • Customize the schedule the way you want: filter by teams, division, or conference.
  • You can get to view the schedules of every upcoming game.

How to Access Dofu Sports on Roku

You cannot install the Dofu Sports app on Roku due to the unavailability of the app in the Roku Channel Store. So you need to use the alternative method of Casting and screen mirroring to stream Dofu Sports on your Roku device.

How to Cast Dofu Sports from Android Device

Before casting Dofu to Roku, you need to turn on the Screen mirroring on Roku.

[1] Install Dofu Sports on your Android using the Play store.

Note: Both your Android and Roku devices must be connected to the same WiFi connection for this process.

[2] Then after enabling the screen mirroring on Roku, open the Notification Panel on Android.

[3] Next, click on the Cast option on the screen.

Screen Mirror to Watch Dofu Sports on Roku Android

Note that the name can be different for different android devices. For example, Smart View, Cast, or Screen Mirror.

[4] Choose your Roku device from the list.

[5] Then, open the Dofu Sports app on Android devices.

[6] Now, choose any match and start casting Dofu sports on Roku.

Screen Mirror Dofu Sports from iOS Device

Since Android and iOS differ, you need to enable the AirPlay settings to screen mirror contents from iOS devices.

[1] Open the App store and install Dofu sports on your device.

[2] After downloading, connect your iOS device to the WiFi that Roku is already connected to.

[3] Then, open the Dofu Sports app on your iOS.

[4] Now, swipe down from the screen to access the Control Centre.

[5] Select the Screen Mirroring icon.

Screen Mirror to Watch Dofu Sports on Roku In iOS and iPadOS

[6] You will now see a list of the available devices on the WiFi network.

[7] In there, choose your Roku device from the list to connect.

[8] Enter the passcode on the box if prompted. (You can see the passcode on the TV screen.)

[9] Now your Roku device is ready to mirror Dofu Sports.

Apart from Roku, you can stream Dofu Sports on Firestick by side-loading the app on your Firestick. In Dofu sports, you can watch NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NHL, and MLB at 720p, 1080p – 60FPS video quality.