Roku player supports a large number of streaming services and HBO GO isn’t an exception. It is TV everywhere service with which the users can stream anything. HBO subscribers can use HBO GO on Roku to watch video-on-demand series, movies, sports, etc. It includes all the current and past events. Stream big premieres as they air along with every other HBO episodes. For instance, the users can watch Game of Thrones, Barry, Westworld, etc.

Features of HBO GO

The most unique features of HBO GO are listed below.

  • With the weekly updates, you can stream the latest movies released with HBO GO.
  • It brings you news, comedy specials, smart talk shows, special events, etc.
  • Set personalized watch lists and HBO GO will bring you the new shows automatically.
  • HBO GO users will be able to stream exclusive interviews and behind-the-scene contents.

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How to Install HBO GO on Roku?

Roku Channel Store has official support for HBO GO. So, installing it as easy as anything with the below guidelines.

#1. Power on Roku player at first and press the home button on Roku remote.

#2. On the home screen, choose Streaming Channels option from the left pane.

Click on Streaming Channels

#3. Use remote to navigate and click on HBO GO. Else, use the Search option to type in to find it on Channel Store.

Choose HBO GO

#4. After that, click on the Add Channel option on Roku TV to install it.

Click Add Channel button

#5. When you get the channel is added to Home screen, select OK at last.

How to Activate HBO GO on Roku?

After installing HBO GO Roku channel, it should be activated. The procedure given below will help you activate it easily.

#1. Firstly, launch HBO GO on Roku player.

#2. Click on Activate your Device button. A code will be shown.

Select Activate your Device link
Select Activate your Device link

#3. Now, go to from your phone or PC browser.

#4. Select Roku and click on Continue button.

Enter the Activation Code
Enter the Activation Code

#5. Choose the HBO TV providers or click on the More providers drop-down to select the provider.

Select HBO TV Provider
Select HBO TV Provider

#6. Provide the username and password of your Roku account.

#7. Enter the activation code shown on Roku TV in #2.

#8. When you get a Success message, then Roku will automatically refresh and you can stream HBO GO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch HBO with HBO GO subscription on Roku?

Yes. You can instantly stream the best of HBO shows, movies, sports, and documentaries with HBO GO.

How to cancel HBO GO subscription on Roku?

If you want to end HBO GO subscription, then click and highlight HBO GO from the channel Store. Just select the remove option using Roku remote to cancel its subscription on Roku TV.

Is HBO GO location specific?

Yes. HBO GO is currently available for the U.S. and UK territories. It cannot be accessed outside those regions without a VPN.

Should I need to pay an additional fee by using HBO Go with my connected TV?

No. HBO Go is free with the HBO Subscription.

What are the TV Providers that supports HBO GO?

If you have the support of DIRECTV, Xfinity, Cox, and Spectrum, then HBO Go can be accessed on Roku TV.

To Conclude

Installing HBO GO on Roku streaming player is easy and straightforward with the steps given above. You may stream HBO contents for free of cost with the cable TV account. Stay updated with all your favourite contents in HD quality on Roku TV.

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