HDHomeRun is the perfect streaming app that has tons of live channels to choose from international TV networks. Install HDHomeRun on Roku is the right way to stream everything from NBC, ABC, ESPN, HGTV, FX, and AMC. Subscription to this HDHomeRun TV service will offer 45 live channels from all major networks and local channels too. Roku is the perfect streaming platform to use HDHomeRun streaming service. This software provides a way to record those live broadcasts directly and watch them offline. Let’s see how to add HDHomeRun to Roku Channel and start watching live TV.

HDHomeRun on Roku

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Features of HDHomeRun

  • Live HD TV.
  • Information about channels and shows.
  • Record your Live TV to DVR storage and playback from DVR whenever you want.
  • Official contents from Official Channels
  • Channel recall, it will switch to the last channel you were watching.
  • Fast forward and rewind.

How to Add HDHomeRun to Roku Channel?

#1: Open the Roku media player on your TV.

Make sure the Roku device is connected to the WiFi.

#2: Press the home button on the Roku TV remote. It will take you to Roku Home screen

#3: Scroll down the options and select Streaming Channels.

HDHomeRun on Roku

#4:Select search channels.

HDHomeRun on Roku

#5: Now you search for and select HDHomeRun channel. Then select Add Channel to download the HDHomeRun on Roku.

#5: After you done with download, select Go to Channel to open the app on your Roku device.

To conclude

With the HDHomeRun app on your Roku Channel’s list, you can enjoy unlimited access to live TV from national and local networks. It is very much compatible with the Roku device to makes it easy to watch HD live TV over the air. It even supports playback from DVR storage. Still have doubts in installing HDHomeRun app, please share your queries in the comments section below. We will find the best solutions for you.